It Don’t Mean a Thing without a Ring: Think Twice about Moving in Together before Marriage

When you’re in love, you want to spend as much time as possible with your significant other. Even if you aren’t ready to get married, you can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be together at all times. Many couples deal with this desire to be together by becoming roommates. Unfortunately, recent statistics have shown that a couple living together before they are wed may lead to their eventual divorce months or years down the road.

Is it possible that spending too much time together before marriage could actually lead to a divorce? According to some experts, living together before marriage makes one or both of the individuals feel trapped. They want to end the relationship, but because they have already moved in together and given so much of their lives to one another it is easier for them to get married than break up and start over. This feeling of being trapped leads to an unhappy marriage, and eventually a divorce. What do you think?

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  1. Nikolai Adriano says:

    i personally believe in the virtue of morality. I mean the self-awareness of doing what is right and avoiding the wrong. However, people nowadays are very challenged on facing the irresistible call of lust or anything that challenge their abstinence.

  2. Jobelle says:

    More and more couples live together nowadays before marriage because they think that they would know their partners very well when they live in the same roof. However, not all couples become successful in this phase. But I believe that it still depends on the person you are living with. My mom moved in to my dad’s house 2 years before they got married. They celebrated their silver anniversary just a year ago. They never got separated and did not actually had any big fight. I guess we are just lucky to have a happy family. 🙂

  3. charmz_ff8 says:

    I am a Catholic and I have a strong beliefs of “MARRY FIRST BEFORE MOVING TOGETHER”. It’s just that marriage in front of GOD can strengthen your faith, hope to your mate.

  4. nica angelica says:

    Couples should only be together once the ties of marriage has been done, since divorce is now a social issue. Living together out of wedlock could really result to early divorce since the couples allowed their selves to be trapped in the life of their partner without the blessings of marriage.

  5. If two people just both truelly love each other. Being together for a long time is not reason for them to have a divorce. But, if only the guy really wants to spend the rest of his life to his girl,then why should he not take all odds just to be with the girl legally.

  6. Dian Kris says:

    It is natural for couples who are deeply in love with each other to want one another in their side most of the time. The idea that most couple who are being together for a long time would lead to divorce happen, when both of them is living together without a knot tide to each other through the process of being married. It became easy to them to fell out from each other for they know that they haven’t promised to each other eternal love and understanding.

  7. Lynne Braganza says:

    Although I don’t really approve of moving in together before marriage, I have a lot of friends who do this. I won’t do it but seeing my friends happy and still keeping their relationship strong, even now after years of marriage, I can definitely say that it depends on the people who are willing to make it work no matter what.

  8. Well too much spending time together to the point of losing your own privacy and identity, I would say yes. That would be a cause of resentments in the long run. But when you’re in love, you will always find ways to make the relationship work. To talk about the problem and not run from it. Not to mention when you made a vow to live with your spouse for better or for worst.

  9. Darlynapple says:

    For me, the most important before having a marriage is that both man and women were first inlove with God and spiritually matured for them to handle every situations that will come on their way. Yes, it is important to have a marriage first before having a marriage to avoid sexual temptation.

  10. CBBACAL says:

    “According to some experts, living together before marriage makes one or both of the individuals feel trapped. ” I am overwhelmed by the fact that unwed couples could still look for the positive outcome of trial marriage and that is start over and grab the second chance but this time with the sacrament of matrimony. But on the contrary I believe most couples engaged in living together without marriage ends up separating because they knew from the start that their commitment with one another is not 100% and they can always move out once they are not happy at all. There were hesitations on giving 100% love and sacrifices because of the fear that they can leave each other any moment and because of that, most couples living together without marriage were not able to develop true love or unconditional love that will bind them together forever.. Practically, couples go on living together without marriage simply because getting married is quite expensive nowadays..

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