Is It Fashionable To Modify Your Car?

Over recent years, grand gestures of extreme riches have seemed quite vulgar.  However, as the world starts to recover from one of the biggest recessions seen in a hundred years is it at all fashionable to be displaying vast sums of wealth? There are of course varying levels to which you can modify your car but a lot of popular ways to do it involve displaying changes that create something of a flashy nature.

People may remember the famous MTV programme ‘Pimp My Ride’ which saw individuals take part to make their cars as showy and as ostentatious as possible.  A certain degree of what was covered in this programme included the stereotypical ‘boy racer’ who wanted to make his vehicle go as fast as possible.

If someone is asked what ‘Pimp My Ride’ means now they are likely to reply that it denotes the essence of someone who wants to make his or her car stand out as much as possible.  This is usually done by adding accessories, such as spray painting stripes on, or adding spoilers.  Internal ‘improvements’ can include changing and upgrading the seats through to adding an extremely loud sound system.


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As times get tougher, people are not necessarily in the position to change or upgrade their vehicle as much as they would like.  This means that a person may have a car which they bought four or five years ago when it was top of the range, but now it bores them senseless. In this scenario, is there anything wrong with adding a few accessories?  For example, a new stereo system to cope with the change to digital radio, or a hands-free kit so that they can make phone calls on the move legally.

Such improvements are clearly within the definition of ‘pimping your ride’, as something which is smaller or out of date is being replaced with something newer.

The number plates also come into this, even in tough economic times.  There is nothing worse for some than watching a neighbour pick up his or her brand new 62 plate vehicle.  Of course they will stand in the street and wash it on every occasion to draw attention to their pride and joy and they will happily answer questions from other neighbours on things like horse power, fuel emissions and top speeds.

It is possible for anyone to buy a personalised number plate though and some would argue that this is a much better way of upgrading your vehicle than adding loud accessories.

Article written by Christine Collins, a specialist in car specifications and private number plates writing on behalf of

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