How You Know You Chose a Good Tenant

Selecting the correct tenant for your rental property might be the most important job for any landlord. Whether your rental property is a way to make extra cash or your main source of income, the correct tenant can make or break your business. The best way to avoid a bad renter is to have a good, thorough tenant screening. A thorough screening will scare off problem renters as they will have something to hide. If your potential renter is not willing to jump through hoops, run the other way.

How do you know you chose the right tenant?

  • Good Credit– A good tenant will have good credit. A person’s credit score is a reflection on how they manage their financial responsibilities. It would be a mistake to rent to someone who gives you a sob story as to why they have bad credit. This one excuse could lead to many more during the rental experience. Just think, if they can’t pay their phone bill on time, how will they pay rent?
  • References– A good tenant will have stellar references. Make sure you have at least one work reference. Someone who is responsible at work will be responsible at home. Be sure to call each reference as you can get a lot more information about your renter by talking to someone rather than via email.
  • Stable Income– Choose a tenant that has a stable job. Ask for back paystubs or a copy of their checking or savings account balances. If someone has the means to pay their rent, they are more likely to actually pay you. Avoid the perpetually unemployed renter as they will usually have a laundry list of excuses each month as to why rent will be late.
  • Repairs– A good renter will want to keep your property clean and in good order. If the renter allows your property to deteriorate, than they are not a good renter. Don’t allow a bad tenant to ruin your source of income. Keep the lines of communication open by checking in with your tenant regularly regarding repairs.
  • Rental Contract– One indicator during tenant screening that you may have a bad tenant on your hands is someone who wants to sign on the dotted line without reading the lease. A responsible renter will read the lease and ask questions.

It’s important to protect yourself and your property by choosing the best person to live in your rental. Bad tenants can cause all sorts of legal problems, so avoid the headache and choose the best renter. Base your decision on the facts and not a feeling, just because someone seems responsible, does not mean they are.

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