How To Stop Wasting Paper In The Office

With the wealth of technology now available to us, much of our work can now be done electronically, so there’s no excuse for wasting paper. Here are some pointers to help make your office more environmentally friendly, which will also cut down on the cost of paper, ink, toner and repairs.

Educate People

Old habits die hard and getting people to change their way of doing things can be difficult, so it’s important to educate people on the reasons why paper consumption should be reduced. People don’t realise how much paper they use, so consider tracking the amount of pages printed or copies made over the period of a week or a month. Your colleagues will be shocked by the amount of paper they go through. A good way of reminding people to cut down on their paper use is by posting notices by printers and photocopiers – try to grab people’s attention with interesting facts or questions to make them consider other options, such as “Couldn’t you just send it by email?”

Changing Printing Habits

An easy way of instantly halving your consumption of paper is by making double-sided printing the default setting on office computers and printers. You can also play around with the formatting of documents, making margins smaller and fonts more compact in order to reduce the amount of paper needed to print these documents. Encourage people to proofread documents attentively before printing them in order to avoid having to reprint them once corrections have been made.

Don’t be Afraid of Technology!

Make use of the technology available to you. Rather than using sticky notes for memos, send them by email. You can do both reminders and to-do lists on your computer’s calendar or in documents. Not only will you save paper by doing this; you avoid the risk of losing important to-do lists or reminders. In meetings, consider using PowerPoint presentations rather than print-outs. If there is an agenda, email it to everyone prior to the meeting rather than wasting paper. You can also change your email settings so your email signature in every email asks that people only print the email if absolutely necessary.

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Re-using Paper

Finally, collect old envelopes and scrap paper, such as sheets that only have text on one side. Use these whenever you need to jot things down, write to-do lists or have need of paper for other informal uses.

Once you have implemented these changes in your office, you’ll be shocked by how much paper you save on a monthly basis!

This article was written by office administrator Samantha Gleeson on behalf of a lead supplier of laser printers.

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