How To Operate A Snowblower Safely

When you are going to operate your snow blower during the winter months it is very important to make sure that you are always paying close attention to exactly what you are doing. If you let your attention lapse for even a moment, you can find yourself in a completely terrible situation. This happens unfortunately at an astounding rate, especially in states and regions where it is frequently cold. Many people claim to be able to operate snow blowers while under the influence of alcohol. This increases the percentage of accidents somewhat exponentially.
The auger is the most dangerous part of the snow blower. As it sucks in snow with a rolling action, the snow is sucked up and thrown out of the discharge chute at a high rate of speed. If anything gets caught in that auger, there will be very little time to remove it from there without getting damaged. The auger has the potential to maim and even kill. So never leave a snow blower running if you are going to check to see if something is caught in the main assembly. Also, if you think you are going to need to disassemble it to make sure it is free from debris, always make sure the snow blower is completely shut off.
Next, always operate the snow blower during the brightest hours of the day. This allows you to utilize the reflective properties of snow, and prevents you from hitting obstacles that may not be visible in the late afternoon, or early morning hours. Many people who follow all safety rules consistently forget to add that to their safety regimen. There are a variety of other things to consider. In addition to using light, remember to refrain from wearing sunglasses no matter how tempting the notion may be. For instance, if you operate the snow blower during the brightest hours of the day, but use sunglasses to shield your eyes from the blinding light, then you are still masking obstacles that you may miss because your vision will be compromised. If you must use some type of eye protection try to use clear safety goggles.
Also, operate a snow blower with as few people present as possible. Children playing in the area can be a huge problem, if the snow blower is on independent drive wheels. Due to the vibrations of the handles, from time to time, snow blowers can jump out of the hands of those who operate them. Imagine the horrific potential of what could happen if others are in the area.

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