How to Choose a Charity

Supporting a charity is a great thing to do with your spare time and extra cash that will give something back to the planet and that will help give you a feeling of making a real difference and doing something that matters. If you have spare time or money to give, then choosing to use this in order to support those who are less fortunate is a fantastic decision to make and one that will help to make the world a better place.

But while giving to a charity is a fantastic way to give something back, you will of course want to make sure that your hard earned cash and limited free time is going somewhere good and that you are doing something that really makes a difference rather than just looking good. With so many charities out there each with different policies and principles, how do you go about choosing the one you want to back? Here we will look at some tips to help you choose the right charity and see your money go that much further as a result.

Personal Attachment

One thing to think about when picking the charity you want to help is whether or not you feel any personal connection to the cause. If you feel passionately about a particular cause or group then it only makes sense for you to support this, and if you have experience in the subject matter then you’ll be more sympathetic to that plight and you’ll have a better idea who is going to end up using that money. If you or someone you love has suffered from cancer then supporting a cancer research charity might make sense, but at the same time if you just feel very passionately about sex trafficking and you consider freedom to be the most important thing then supporting a charity that aims to stop this is a great decision too. On the other hand if you’ve always loved animals then perhaps an animal charity will suit your personality.

A pointer though is to do some research, as some of the less ‘mainstream’ charities such as arthritis charities can often not get the same attention as the more well known causes and as a result they need your support more than ever.


The Organization

Once you’ve decided the kind of charity you want to support you need to then think about the precise organization you want to help. There are countless cancer research charities just as there are countless animal charities but not all of them are as well organized or offer the same thing. Spend some time then reading on the website and looking at how the money will actually be used. Are they wasting their donations on large overheads and poor organization? Do they actually offer quite little in the way of real results? Or does every last penny go into helping people and developing smart new initiatives? If you’re donating large amounts of money then don’t be afraid to call up and actually ask where the money is going to be spent and make sure to send your funds where you think they’ll be the most appreciated by the people who need them.

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