How Do You Represent Your Organization?

Any organization or group of people accomplishes its cause better when the individual members are proud to belong to that organization. Whether a sorority, fraternity, charity group, employee group, club, or sports team, an organization seeks to instill a sense of pride, unity, and belonging among its members. Displaying this sense of pride can lead to many benefits in the branding of the organization. A great way to accomplish all of this is for members to represent your organization in visual terms.

What does it mean to represent your organization?
Representation can come in many forms. It could be a uniform or code of dress. It could be a color. It could be a mascot. It could be a motto, or a hand gesture (hand gestures aren’t just for gangs!). Whatever form it takes, representation is a way for members of an organization to display to the outside world that they belong to the organization.

Good representation can be a key component in branding an organization. When outsiders see that members are proud to represent the organization, it reflects well on the organization and catalyzes curiosity, interest, and community good-will. If the members are proud to belong, then the organization must be doing good things. Good representation can also convey the purpose of the organization. This is especially true in the case of a club motto. The motto of the U.S. Marine Corps., “Semper Fi,” is a great example. It means, “Always Faithful,” and is a ubiquitous representation of the values of all Marines.

In a similar way, a uniform can convey organizational values. A sharp, tidy, conservative uniform conveys a business-like sense of purpose. A tie-die t-shirt conveys fun, or perhaps liberal values. A green shirt can allude to the environmental consciousness of a charitable organization. The club or group uniform can say a lot about what that organization’s purpose is, and can become an integral part of the organization’s brand. UPS’s brown representation theme is a great example. Their brown uniforms are instantly recognizable, as are their brown trucks, to the point where their motto incorporates the color: “What can Brown do for you?”

A further method of representation that can add a personal, stylish touch to your organization is a customized patch. Custom patches, like logos, can convey a lot about the brand of your organization. Consider Polo, whose Polo rider patch has become synonymous with high-quality, upper-echelon clothing. Your organization’s patch can be big or small, simple or complex, and can go on any textile, from shirts, to jackets, to equipment bags. Custom patches go anywhere your members do, and extend the reach of your organizational brand.

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