How Do You Choose Which Safety Footwear To Buy?

There are an extremely high amount of positions in certain industries that require the worker to be wearing safety footwear at all times in order to protect themselves against any accidents. The specific type of protective footwear you need may well differ depending on the type of job you do and there are also leisure time activities that you may need this kind of boots for. Whatever your specific need may be you might be unsure on which footwear to go for.

Rigger boots

You can often find rigger boots being worn by those who work on a building site for example and these are pulled on to your feet. In the distant past these were first worn on oil rigs but their use has diversified to include many industry roles over time. Rigger boots tend to have a lining made of fur and they can come in a variety of colours. It is important to ensure that the ones you buy are up to the standard in terms of the protection the sole and toe caps offer. Among the items and occurrences they protect your feet from are nails, burns and certain liquids.


The biggest thing to remember when choosing safety footwear is that they have to meet the requirements of the area in which you are working. For example, if you are going to be in an environment where the main danger is a floor that may cause accidents from slipping then you will naturally be looking for footwear that helps to combat this. The boots or other types of footwear have to be able to safeguard against the type of hazards that you will come across.

Size and comfort

As you will be the one wearing the footwear while carrying out your work duties it is certainly important to have a pair of boots that fit you correctly and that are comfortable enough. This is not for comfort reasons only but also to help protect you against the possibility of any injury sustained from having ill-fitting footwear.


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Greater flexibility

As discussed, rigger boots are a prime example of the footwear most seen on construction sites because of the protection they give via the caps. It is also possible to get this type of foot protection from other options such as safety trainers. The advantage of safety trainers is that they also allow you to have a greater degree of movement and flexibility.

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