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Periodically, we publish lists of resource sites our visitors can check out. These reference sites focus on different categories this blog covers. Here is the latest batch:

Absolute Health – A great resource for people interested in living healthier, longer, more productive, and, yes, happier lives. The blog focuses on the intersection between mind and body issues. Whatever you do impacts the rest of your life. What you eat impacts your mind and how you think impacts your body’s physical health.

Busy Traveling – This blog focuses on one of the most sublime pleasures in the world-seeing the world. But it does so with a eye stuck closely on one’s wallet. Yes, it is a budget travel site. But not just any travel site. It seeks to marry the fun of youthful travel but lets adults in on the fun.

Car Star Blog – If you are big on cars and want to know more than the gas you put in your tank, this site is for you. While it covers the basics of car maintenance and common ownership issues, it goes beyond the standard car blog’s coverage by covering the intimate psychological and sociological connection between people and their automobiles.

Your Lifestyle Coach – Do you really need a coach to help you live? Actually, given the amount of distractions and confusion of fast-paced modern living, it is often hard to tell heads from tails anymore. This blog focuses on key issues that people confront on a daily basis and dishes out advice from one solid perspective – your benefit, your needs, and your betterment. While this objective is very much welcome, sometimes it is hard to listen to.

Your Creative Arts Guide– If you have been looking for a site that will help you “unleash” the striving (but not necessarily starving) artist locked deep within you, this blog is dedicated to that process. And it does so with a mind toward helping you save a few dollars on the way. Arts and Crafts don’t necessarily have to be expensive. This blog explores affordable avenues in helping you express yourself.

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