Home Appliance Alternatives to Help Save Money and the Environment

In today’s economy, being eco-friendly has become more than just a trendy fad. It has become a lifestyle altering conscientious shift to a more forward way of thinking. The environment sustains us. If you let it slip into a state of disrepair, life as you know will be forever altered in a way that you may not be prepared to adjust to.

Home Alternatives for Green Living
Let’s talk about some positive ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint and live a more eco-friendly life from the sanctuary of your own home, while saving money in the process. When you live green, you save green!

Replace Your Old Refrigerator
Old refrigerators guzzle energy like teens guzzle energy drinks. By replacing a refrigerator manufactured before 1996 with a new Energy Star rated model, you can save anywhere from $200-$1100 in operating costs over the lifetime of the new fridge. On top of that, some areas still offer a rebate for purchasing Energy Star. Check out energystar.gov to find out if your area qualifies for a rebate and use their Savings Calculator to get an estimate as to how much energy you will save per year once you make the switch.

More importantly, because Energy Star refrigerators don’t require as much electricity, they don’t burn up as much coal or natural gas (the source of our 70% of our electricity), which in turn reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, thus reducing your carbon footprint and helping sustain the planets precious atmosphere from further degradation!

Replace Your Old Laundry
Your old rusted laundry pair, that sounds like a locomotive rocketing through your basement, isn’t doing the environment any favors either. Not only will replacing your old washer with an Energy Star model result in less wear and tear on your delicate and unmentionables without the agitator going to town on them, but you will use 20% less energy and 35% less water. Less energy, less water, less money, and more environment saved!

Replace Your Wood Burning Stove With a New Model
Last but not least, change out your old wood burning stove for a new energy efficient model. These stoves manufactured before 1990 use a lot more energy, emit more pollutants into the atmosphere, waste resources and are unhealthy. They are no longer certified by the EPA and use 50% more energy than newer models that are.

Money spent now means more money saved later. Most importantly, make any one of these upgrades and/or a host of others and you can rest assured that you’re doing your part to make the Earth a healthier place to live.

Jillian Johnson is a professional marketing content writer who blogs on a variety of topics. Follow her @MissWritey.

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