Helping The Environment During The Holiday Season

Keeping the environment safe should always be something people are mindful of but when Christmas comes around there are a greater amount of obvious ways in which you can do your bit.

It seems that many people are finally catching on to the importance of recycling now but there are a lot of other things we could be doing to help. Recycling is always at the top of the agenda but other ways to help include reusing where possible and clearing out your unwanted items. With the holiday season once again fast approaching there is a lot we can do for our environment before, during and after to help ourselves while also giving back to our community.

Your Christmas tree

If you have a synthetic tree and are looking to upgrade this Christmas how about taking it to a local children’s hospital for all the patients to look at and appreciate or maybe it could be given to a family who could not afford one this year? If you prefer the fresh scent of a fully-grown genuine tree then there is no need to worry about what to do after the holidays as there are plenty of places that will take the tree to turn it into compost for next year’s creations.

Wrapping paper

The wrapping paper is always a very easy way to contribute to a better environment so instead of throwing away all the boxes,  gift paper, ribbons and cards, flat pack and reuse them. There will always be a use for these materials and it will save a lot of waste and expense. Wrapping paper can even be used like newspaper in a lot of ways but you should avoid the more shiny and glittery ones in this case.

Food and drink supplies

Potato and carrot peeling should not go to waste either as it can be given something of a new lease of life in your garden in the form of compost. Remember to keep all the bottles, tins and cans for your recycling as it is certainly true that every little helps.


At the supermarket it seems that a high amount of people have cut down on the use of plastic bags in favour of using reusable ‘bags for life’ and non-woven ones and you can also look out for boxes for recycling. Companies give the money raised from this to charities and they also do extra collections after Christmas to help the council with the backlog of unwanted items. When this Christmas comes around think of how you can help your local charity and save yourself some money along the way.

Non Woven Bags

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Article written by Tom McAlliskey representing who are suppliers of personalised cotton bags and Non Woven Bags with a key emphasis on supporting the environment.

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