Handy Tips on Moving Boxes

If you are like me and don’t mind moving house yourself, good for you! Doing it on your own means you can take your time and don’t have to transport everything over in a single day, an unfortunate reality if you use a moving company. Moving house yourself certainly isn’t right for everyone. I’ve helped friends move house that clearly were not up for the task and were incredibly stressed out by the situation. Just hire a moving company if it gives you piece of mind. But if you don’t mind moving house at leisurely pace on your own I think you are better off than the average stressed-out housewife going through a million boxes stacked on the back of a bus looking for the car keys. (They were in her handbag the entire time).

There is however one major gripe I have with moving on your own. And that is; boxes. Now, don’t get me wrong, boxes are the best container for moving. They stack easily, are capable of holding pretty much anything you need to put in there, are re-usable and fold up easily when you are done with them, so they are easy to store. No, the gripe I have is with ‘cheap’ moving boxes. Nothing ruins a moving day like strolling onto the sidewalk with a perfectly packed box and the bottom falls out. Prized possessions roll onto the street, naturally it was the box with all the breakables too, so everything shatters on impact. “Did I not fold the box right? Did I not use enough tape?” you’ll wonder as you drop to your knees and start a mad grab for your things dropping everything back into the cardboard mess that used to be a box. Nope, you did everything correctly. The box was just not made sturdy enough and something gave way at the bottom.


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And I’m good at packing for weight distribution too. I don’t want to break my back carrying all my books up at once, so I try to aim for boxes that are all the same weight. It still happens that for no apparent reason the handles just rip out of the box and the whole thing falls from your hands and tumbles down the stairs. Again, it was not your fault. The box was not made out of cardboard that was thick enough. See, that’s why I would hire a moving company. Have you seen their boxes? They are made out of the thickest cardboard! They never tear! Where do they buy them? Because I’ve been looking and all the moving boxes I can find might as well be made out of paper compared to official moving company boxes.

Anyway, I have been reinforcing all of the cheap boxes that look like they might fall apart with duct tape. Like most of life’s problems fixing it with duct tape did the job. Tearing has been reduced to a minimum. The downside of this solution is getting all the tape off the boxes when you are done with them and want to fold them up for storage. Still, it will do for now. And I will continue my search for those perfect moving company boxes.

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Jess Collins is a permanent itinerant who has found herself packing up and moving house more times than she would care to remember. As resident blogger for The Man With Van Network, Jess gets plenty of opportunities to share her experiences in the blogosphere!

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