Give the Gift of Life (Skills)

Being given a present is always good, but the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving. If you want to buy something your recipient will truly benefit from you can’t go wrong with any of these ideas.

Cookery Lessons

Cookery lessons are the perfect gift for someone who loves their food. It doesn’t matter how good they think they are already as there’s always room for improvement.

If you’ve got a friend that loves to eat but struggles to find his way around the kitchen then put them on a beginner’s course. They’ll learn all the basic skills they need, like how to use a knife properly and the correct way to cook meat and fish. Some of the more intense courses will even have you making fairly complex sauces and baking mouth-watering cakes in just a weekend.

If your friend’s already a culinary wizard they’ll still get a lot out of a more advanced cookery course. You could even send them off to cook with their favourite celebrity chef. Cooking with Gordon Ramsey is certainly an experience they’ll never forget, even if they are reduced to a quivering wreck by the end!

DIY Courses

DIY is without doubt an essential life skill, but unfortunately it’s an area where most of us are severely lacking in ability. Sure any man will tell you that he knows how to put up a shelf and tile a bathroom but in reality he hasn’t got a clue.

That’s why sending someone on a DIY or basic trade course is such a great gift. The recipient might not thank you for it at first but once they’ve learnt how to fix a dripping tap and bleed a radiator they’ll surely start to show some gratitude.

Flying Lessons

There’s no denying that flying is cool. Everyone dreams of being a pilot at one stage or another, and you can turn that dream into a reality for one of your friends by buying them a few flying lessons.

Ok, being able to fly a plane certainly isn’t the most conventional life skill. In fact many would say that it’s not a life skill at all. But you and your friend will be the ones laughing when some sort of disaster strikes your town. He’ll be able to fly you both to safety, leaving all the haters sat in a traffic jam as they attempt to flee the scene.

Cocktail Classes

Is being able to make a Mojito an essential life skill? Of course it is! You’ll never be able to host an authentic Cuban night without such knowledge, and that would be a very sad thing.

Cocktail classes really are the perfect gift for a friend or relative who likes a bit of hooch. Just make sure the lessons don’t fall on a week night. If they do you’d better be prepared to help them find a new job.

When he’s not learning to fly Colin Peters works as a copywriter for Find Me A Gift, the online unusual gifts specialists.

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