Fun Printing Projects For All The Family

A rainy summer day does not have to be boring when you have a printer and an internet connection! There are so many fun activities that can involve the whole family. All you need is some imagination and creativity to make cool and interesting projects from the printer. For example, you can create customized posters or personalized gifts! Any of these ideas can be accomplished by using online or software. They will have special layouts or pictures that you can choose from when creating your family projects.


The coolest projects involve input from everyone in the family. One of the best ways to incorporate everyone is by making a scrapbook. If you just came back from a really cool holiday or event, then document your holiday snaps in a personalized book! Printing software can help you create basic templates that can be used for the book. Give each family member a few to design. Then, when finished, you will have an awesome scrapbook made by the whole family.

Art Exhibitions

Host a mock art museum for one day only. Allow own everyone to design and curate their own art exhibit using the printing station. Each person can make a masterpiece or print a picture to be shown in their museum. Then show off everyone’s hard work with an after party, where you can print out masks for your mock ball and pretend to mingle, drink fizzy pop, eat sausage rolls and admire each other’s master pieces.


The idea is for the kids to make posters that they can later hang in their room. There are some online programs that let you blow up an image by printing off twenty sheets to create one large picture. You can do this in colour or for a moody look; on grey scale. Once it is finished then you can plaster it to the wall for a supercool look that is tailored to the room. Just make sure that you have enough room for the whole customized poster!


One of the most fun things for kids to make is a calendar, this project is easy to do and create. All you need is 12 pages for each month and a cover, then each child can colour or place a picture for each month. This is a great item for children either alone together or with the family. You can even print out pictures of the family for each month and make a calendar for the grandparents to surprise them on their next visit. Kids will also love to make origami shapes from specially printed instructions. There are so many websites that specialize in the art of folding paper. Let them be your guide when entertaining rained in kids. Just use your imagination because the possibilities are endless! In conclusion, the printer can offer a world of possible entertainment opportunities. However, you just need to be creative with the execution. Obviously, not everyone can use the computer at the same time. During waiting periods, play a card or board game. Then as everyone take turns it will be possible to begin the project. Let everyone have input into what they want to do or design.

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