Four Ways to Advertise with Yard Signs

These days, everyone is trying to say something. Whether it’s a political statement, an expression of joy or congratulations or an outburst of anger, we have more ways to get our viewpoint across than ever before. We can say it to a few people or to as many people as possible, but there really is nothing stopping us from spouting our horn whenever we feel like it.

The Internet, of course, is the most common way we advertise our thoughts these days. The Internet is amazing in its power to reach people at the farthest corners of the globe, sometimes in places you may have never expected or even intended. However, sometimes you don’t necessarily want to reach a global audience and instead might want to reach a more localized audience. For example, your elderly neighbours who may not use computers, the children in your neighbourhood or parents of the children who attend the same school as your own. For hyper-localized forms of communication, there is nothing simpler than personalized yard signs.

The messages you can get across with your very own custom ordered sign are limitless. They can be about local issues, personal passions or your own business. A website such as Ink Head has an extremely wide variety that you can custom tailor to your needs and tastes.

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There are a number of forms and purposes that a yard sign can serve, from the personal to the professional. Here are just a few of them.

  • School spirit

Show your support for your child’s sports team or high school with something that demonstrates your school spirit. You can support a particular mascot, sport or school in general. Showing your support might get other households in on the act.

  • Political pride

Are you running for local office or do you strongly support a local candidate who is? Advertising in your yard for local elections are a key way to promote name recognition and visibility of a candidate for mayor, city council or any other office. In addition, you can give copies to your supporters and constituents to make you or your candidate more visible throughout the community.

  • Small business promotion

Do you own a small local business like plumbing, carpentry or house painting? This is a simple and cost effective advertisement to get your name and details out there into the community. All you need is a simple description and a phone number, and you might be surprised at how much more business you get.

  • Pointing in the right direction

Are you promoting an event like an open house, a block party or a street festival? Signs are not only a great way to get the word out, but can also serve to direct your guests in the right direction if you include arrows.

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