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For those that are from Canada and Mexico and are looking for a Visa to work in the United States a TN Visa may be the best option for them. A TN Visa (or H1B visa) is actually a non-immigrant status that individuals from Canada and Mexico can use to legally work in the United States. NAFTA (The North America Free Trade Agreement) began in 1994 as a trade agreement between all of the countries in North America. NAFTA recognizes TN status visas as a valid way to immigrate to another country to work. Although TN status visas started before NAFTA was reached. TN status visas were started in 1988. There are minimum requirements regarding the wage that person needs to receive to get a visa of this type. There are also certain professions that fall under the guidelines as well.

TN Visas

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Anyone who wishes to obtain a TN visa must prove that they have been offered a wage that is similar to or more than the wage that is offered to someone working the same job with the same qualifications by that company. The salary must also fit in with the prevailing wage of someone working that job in that area as well. Those looking to get this visa will not able to if their salary is less than what they can live on comfortably in the area that they are moving to.

There are many professions listed and allowed under the TN status visa agreement. Most of them are professional jobs that require some kind of degree and not just a skill that can be obtained through training. The person applying for this temporary visa must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited American university to get the visa as well as work in one of the qualified fields. Some examples are accounting, most jobs in the scientific field, medical jobs, engineers, designers and many other professional jobs. Some countries need people to work in these professions more than others so it is wise for them to accept people that work these jobs under the TN visa agreement.

They key to obtaining a TV visa without hassle is to be completely prepared. If one has all the paperwork and is completely qualified for the visa they should have no trouble obtaining it. The visa is only available to citizens of Canada and Mexico. It is usually applied for at the airport of the departing city at the immigration office. After presenting the proper paperwork and proving all of the information is correct there should be no problem obtaining the right to work in the United States. NAFTA has provided many great things for people in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This visa provides people with the means to work in their field without losing opportunity based on the country that they live in.

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