Elderly Actors in no Danger of Slowing Down

In this day and age, it is all too easy to dismiss the current generation of pretty-boy actors as not a patch on the stars of the silver screen in days gone by – who could possibly be as dashing as Errol Flynn, as iconic as Humphrey Bogart or as cool as Steve McQueen? Now that these stars are no longer with us, who does that leave behind to inspire new generations of actors?

Well, worry not – there are still some living legends walking among us whose energy levels seem to be limitless – in this article, we will look at three senior-citizens who can still show those young ones a thing or two!

  • Sir Christopher Lee (born: 1922): One of the tallest leading men in Hollywood (standing at a whopping 6 foot 5 inches tall) and currently the Guinness World Record holder for the most film acting roles ever (275 films from 1946 until present day), Sir Christopher Lee transitioned from war hero in WW2 to film villain in roles for ‘Hammer’ horror pictures – Lee portrayed creepy characters ranging from ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ to ‘Rasputin’ in many films, however, his most famous role was arguably that of ‘Dracula’, a character which he returned to time and time again with Hammer; Lee showed no signs of slowing down as he progressed in his career, starring opposite then ‘James Bond’, Roger Moore in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ in the film’s title role (all the more interesting as he is step-cousin to the late Ian Fleming), as well as an iconic performance as ‘Lord Summerisle’ in ‘The Wicker Man’ – and later, returning for roles in more recent movie franchises, such as episodes of the ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lord of the rings’ movies – aside from his on-screen performances, Sir Christopher has performed as a singer across many genres, including classical opera and heavy metal, with an announcement on his 90th birthday that he was planning to release a heavy metal single and album, making him officially, the oldest heavy metal singer the world has ever seen (as of yet…Ozzy has some way to go!)
  • Morgan Freeman (born 1937): A prolific American actor, Morgan Freeman has worked with many of Hollywood’s greats in his spectacular career; from Kevin Costner, to Brad Pitt, Christian Bale to Jack Nicholson – more than this, however, he has stood in his own right as a talented actor, who has received numerous Academy Award nominations for such films as ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby’; Morgan freeman’s career extends as far back as the 1960s, but it wasn’t until ‘Street Smart’ in 1987 until he was officially recognised as a contender for numerous awards; Outside of acting, Morgan Freeman owns a blues club and restaurant in Mississippi and is a fully qualified pilot, who owns multiple jet aircraft.
  • Clint Eastwood (born 1930): ‘Icon’, ‘legend’, ‘star’ – whatever you wish to call him, Clint Eastwood is one old-timer who no ‘punk’ would want to tangle with: perhaps most famous for his role as ‘Dirty Harry’, Clint has made a name for himself in a vast portfolio of acting roles over the years: from TV series ‘Rawhide’ to spaghetti-western: ‘The Good The Bad and The Ugly’,  light-hearted comedy: ‘Every which way but loose’ to hard-hitting drama: ‘Gran Torino’- whatever role he portrayed on-screen, he brought his steely gaze and gravelly voice, along with the effortless coolness of a real man’s man; beyond these feats, Mr Eastwood is a critically acclaimed director, who has won Academy Awards for ‘best director’ among others for films like ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘Unforgiven’ – he has also won nominations for ‘Best Actor’ across many of the films in his illustrious career, which also seen him involved in musical composition, among other specialisms – Clint even turned his hand to politics before Arnie (he was a one-time mayor back in the 1980s) – now who wouldn’t vote for this guy?

As this (by no means extensive) list of legends shows, we needn’t worry about getting on in our years – some things truly only get better with age!

Sam Blake owns a Home Lifts company specialising in Through Floor Lifts for elderly and disabled customers, who loves seeing the impact his products have on improving everyday people’s lives, first-hand.


  1. Rhia Cabildo Tobias says:

    It is nice to know that most of these actors are still active despite their age and having the most out of their health. I like Morgan Freeman among those actors since he was still on the top of his crap among the rest. Are there any new movie that he is doing right now?

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