Doppelganger: Is It for Real?

Doppelgangers are sometimes referred to as a person’s “evil twin”, although the adjective is quite contestable. However, the “twin” part is right since doppelgangers are always described as being a person’s almost exact replica. You may have a doppelganger roaming about when your family or friends appear to have contradicting notions about where you are at a certain time. It’s impossible for a person to be at two places in the same time – or at least it’s impossible unless you have a doppelganger.

Where Do Doppelgangers Come from?

Theories abound about the existence of doppelgangers, especially when concerning their origins or source. In most cases, their origin is tied up with their purpose for being.

  • Doppelgangers appear as part of a premonition about a future event in your life. When the actual event does take place, you will experience what’s commonly known as déjà vu.
  • Doppelgangers may also come from individuals with “special” souls capable of splitting into two. However, the doppelganger is often perceived as a more “faded” and “weaker” version of your real self.
  • Doppelgangers may be your “evil” twin. It is perceived as a malicious supernatural entity that is intent in taking over your life permanently and replacing your existence in the world.

Doppelgangers versus Astral Projection

It should also be noted that doppelgangers are often confused with yet another paranormal phenomenon called astral projection. In astral projection, a soul is believed to leave its physical shell or body and travel on its own. People with near-death experiences often report experiences of astral projections such as when they are looking down at their own unconscious body while it is being treated for a life-threatening injury.


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Are Doppelgangers Real?

Encounters with the paranormal are as old as time. Throughout the centuries that have passed, you will find countless reports of sightings of ghosts and mysterious orbs. A good number of them are almost impossible to debunk, a term used by paranormal investigators whenever they try to come up with logical explanations to de-mystify a particular incident. It’s also a lot harder to disprove sightings of paranormal entities when the people reporting them are society’s most respected members. These include everything from nuns to doctors to teachers and even American presidents!

Photographic evidence has even been put forward from time to time. Some of them have been easily proven as fakes. Others are not as easy to dismiss. However, while some photos cannot be proven conclusively as being contrived or edited, they cannot be proven conclusively as authentic proof of the existence of doppelgangers either.

In the end, doppelgangers are likely to remain a mystery and becoming a part of an eternal debate about the existence of other supernatural creatures that include everything from poltergeists to popular supernatural creatures in fiction today like witches and demons. If you are interested in learning more, then the World Wide Web will likely have something new for you to learn every day. Just be sure that you check with your ISP about their latest internet options for subscribers. A slow or unreliable connection will likely make it difficult for you to enjoy a smooth and comprehensive online exploration of the paranormal.

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