Does Rebirth Really Exist in Reality?

Does Rebirth Really Exist in Reality?

Does rebirth exist in reality? First, you must determine what reality is and if reincarnation(rebirth) exists, what part does it play within that reality.

-What is the reality?

When the majority of people think about reality, they only consider what they can see. It never occurs to them that what they see, the earth, did not appear on its own. For example, if you own a watch that watch was made somewhere by a person or a factory. Its existence did not come from nowhere, nor did the watch make itself. Because of delusion or “maya”, human beings believe that they are a separate entity coming from nowhere but going somewhere when they die. However, we do come from somewhere, and when we leave earth, we go somewhere as well. This is where reincarnation comes in.

-What role does reincarnation play in our human existence?

Scientist are baffled when they come across a three-year-old child who plays the piano like a professional who has practiced for years. They question this phenomena, or prodigy, but have no answers. Since scientist only go by facts and what they can see, their scope is limited. The reason why that three-year-old child can play the piano so brilliantly is because they had a desire to play the piano through previous incarnations, and now, through intense desire, they have reincarnated back on earth to fulfill it. If not, where did they learn to play?

Desire is the key that keeps us coming back to earth. We reincarnate repeatedly until we realize that earth will not bring the happiness that we seek. Realizing this, we begin our real search for the meaning of life. The creator of the universe has always been into “recycling” and every Soul is given a fair chance to work out their “karma” and regain their lost heritage; our immortality. However, we cannot escape the grips of earth’s pull until we realize that we are not mortals but immortal Souls traveling through the workshop called earth.

-Reincarnation works for good and evil

Sadly, much of the reasons why the earth is in turmoil is so many of us are not aware of our immortality. People believe that the only consequence of their actions has to do with man’s laws, they are unaware of the laws that govern the universe. A person with a desire for evil, will come back to earth to do evil and have evil done to them. The same goes for a person who desire to do good. Hitler had a great desire to conquer and he had the opportunity to play out that role on the world stage. Mother Theresa had a desire to love, and she had the opportunity to play that role as well.

Nonetheless, the reincarnation cycle will continue until the Soul “awakens” so to speak, and realizes that our earthly journey is not real, but more like a motion picture and we are only playing a part; a part that must end sooner or later.


People are interested in medium readings, psychic readings, tarot readings, and clairvoyants because subconsciously they feel that there is something more to existence than what they see. There are authentic spiritual readers, who perhaps was doing the same thing in another incarnation, that can help Souls awaken to their immortal existence.

Such a short article is not enough to explain the truth of reincarnation and it is not written to try to convince anyone either. Reincarnation exist whether we believes in it or not, it is at the very core of our existence.

Jane, medium readings expert from England

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