Cremation and What It Means

If you are someone who needs to deal with the funeral arrangements for a loved one or even if you are planning your own estate, you will shortly be confronted with the idea of cremation. This process involves the reduction of the body to ashes, and it is fairly common, fairly popular practice in the United States. If you are not sure whether this option is right for you, there are some key facts to keep in mind. These services vary, and it is always a good idea to determine what kind of options suit your situation.

Funeral Services
The most basic services offered by specialists is the removal of the body to the facility and then cremation. In an intermediate level situation, there is typically a viewing of the body in a location that may or may not be on the funeral services’ property and then the body is cremated. Depending on the needs of the family, embalming may or may not be appropriate. For example, in some cultures, the body must be buried within a very short period after death. For a full funeral service, the body is first embalmed, and then the service follows as if there were to be a regular burial. At the end of this service, the body is removed to be cremated rather than moved to the cemetery.

One of the most common ways to deal with the ashes of a loved one is by storing the ashes in a specially designed urn. These urns can be quite beautiful and made to order, creating a small monument that suits the deceased completely. There are urns of all sizes, and they feature a number of different themes. They are often sealed so that they cannot be carelessly opened. Afterward, the urn may be placed in an outdoor niche or it might be kept in the home.


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Depending on local regulations, urns can be buried in cemeteries. For example, some people have chosen to bury urns alongside existing gravestones, at the head of an existing grave site or at the foot. Before engaging in any sort of burial of human remains, be sure to contact the proper authorities, whether it is a city zoning commission or the owners of the cemetery.

Some people find that keeping the ashes is not for them, and that is where scattering the ashes comes in. Where you choose to scatter the ashes is a personal preference, though of course you should always get permission before scattering remains on private property. Some people choose to scatter the ashes of their loved ones in the ocean, while others choose to do it over places that had great meaning to the deceased. If you are considering scattering the ashes, you may want to make a ceremony of it; some people find that this can easily take the place of a memorial service.

When you are thinking about how cremation can be used and what your options are, there are facts that you need to know.

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