Confident Independence: Living Alone as a Senior

Confident Independence: Living Alone as a Senior

Living alone at any age is a scary thing: with the possibility of something bad happening looming overhead, protecting yourself and your home is a priority. Seniors, especially those who live alone, are targets for criminals. There are some very simple things you can do to make sure that you are safe living alone. A few are common sense, but it is important to reiterate how important some of these things are.

The first is to remember to always lock your doors. This is imperative: leaving doors unlocked is an invitation for burglars or worse. Locking your door provides protection and a deterrent to thieves. Getting into the habit of locking doors and windows will protect your home whether you are there or not.

The second thing to do is make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working. These devices are so important, and can be the meaning between life and death. Check both the detectors and the batteries regularly, one a month.

The third way to make living alone safer is to own a senior medical alarm. One of these devices hangs around your neck at all times, so if you have an accident or need help, help will come at the push of a button. If you slip in the tub, or have a heart attack or stroke and can’t get to the phone, an emergency team will still come get you.

Do not let strangers into your home. If they claim they are from a business, check their ID and call their company to verify. Once the door is open, criminals can easily force their way in. Avoid this by being extra cautious, even if it feels rude and unnecessary to you.

Get to know your neighbors. You don’t have to become best friends with everyone on your block, but if you become familiar with your neighbors, they will notice when something is wrong. That way, they can check on you and call the authorities, if necessary.

Get a dog. Rescue a dog from a local shelter, and you’ll get a companion and a guard all in one. A dog is fiercely loyal to his person, and will defend them to the end. Having one will let you know someone passed your home (and a leaf, and a bag, and a cookie…) and make sure you’re aware if there’s danger. He will also keep you active and happy.

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Living alone doesn’t have to be scary. Making sure you are doing everything you can to be safe is so important in this day and age. Use these tips to ensure your long life is protected and happy.

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