Centenary of Titanic

This year is the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic. There will be events in Southampton, Cherbourg, Cobh, New York .. and especially Belfast. The city has just opened in the middle of Belfast Titanic shipyards that once built the largest ship in the world.
It all started 100 years ago, the world’s largest ship sailed for New York. What made the Titanic in a fashion story always has been that the world’s largest ship sank on its maiden voyage. Aboard the Titanic were some of the richest people in the world.

The Titanic was the posibiidad of a new life for many Europeans living in poor conditions in Europe, Titanic New York led them to the door of America, a country that had no classes and everyone could aspire to reach the top regardless of social origin.

On April 8, 1912 34,000 kilos loaded fresh meat, 40,000 eggs, 50 tons of potatoes and lettuce 7000. The Titanic was a huge floating city in which social classes were well represented with their valets, maids, nannies .. Is the era of George V in England, classes are very marked, and Titanic will also be this way.

The Titanic was to navigate the route from Southampton to New York. It was a path of great economic interest by the number of passengers carried. Before beginning the long path stopped at Cherbourg in France embarked port that many passengers in first class U.S. returning home after a tour in Europe. The next stop was Queenstown, Cobh in Ireland where Irish rose hundreds of passengers came on board to start a new life in America. The boat was designed so that classes could not mix even in the final moments all social barriers are erased.


THE May 31, 1911 the Titanic was launched at Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast Queen Island. On April 10 came from Southampton Titanic bound for Cherbourg and Queenstown to begin after the maiden voyage to New York. It would be an iceberg which would lead to the Titanic to star in one of the most fascinating stories. There were no life jackets for everyone, there were no boats salavidas with places for all. Some boats were only half, others with only man instead of muejres and children .. died 1500.

In Belfast you can visit the Titanic Quarter, Titanic Belfast is a must when visiting Belfast or Ireland. Belfast shows the level of the yard at the time with a visit to Belfast in early last century, know the story of the birth of the Titanic, its ornamentation, .. and end his misery. Visit the Titanic Belfast is a way to experience the reconstruction of the yards, you will see stories of passengers, crew. It has made a banqueting suite in the fifth and sixth floor which has a design based on the interiors of the Titanic.

Article written by Errol Juarez on behalf of the Things I Dig – www.thingsidigg.com.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nostri-imago/3278639065/

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