Why Chevy Is The Best Choice For Texas

Whether you are cruising down a major Texas highway, driving through heavy traffic in Dallas-Fort Worth, or speeding along on the open road, you need the right Chevy truck, car, or SUV for your everyday use.  If you are looking for a Chevy in McAllen, Texas or San Antonio, Texas, you need a dependable vehicle that handles well and hauls your stuff to where you need to go.


The Chevy Silverado is one tough truck that still looks classy.  Use it all day for hauling heavy equipment or pulling stock trailers and then take it for a night on the town.  With the four-door model, you can take your entire family with you.  You can choose the type of Silverado you want by the maximum payload with up to almost 7500 lbs.


The Black Diamond Avalanche is designed for busy Texans that lead complex lives.  You’ve got a truck that can haul the heaviest of equipment or tow over 8000 lbs.  Then you can transform it into an SUV with plenty of seating for friends and family.  This vehicle is equally at home in the rugged terrain of the country and the busy nightlife of the city.


If you are looking for a car with plenty of room but fuel-efficient for long trips over the Texas highways, you want to give the Chevy Cruze a try.  At 42 MPG, it will almost seem like you are getting paid to drive.  This classy four-door car will save you money but give you room for a family trip with plenty of cargo space for luggage.  It also gets a five-star safety rating for its 10 standard air bags, the most of any car in its class.  You can rest easy when you take your family on vacation or while traveling on frequent business trips.


When you want to combine hauling capabilities with seating, the Chevy Tahoe is the vehicle of choice.  It seats up to nine and gives you room to haul cargo.  It’s also rugged enough for use out on the ranch with large tires and off-road suspension.  At the same time, you won’t be embarrassed to take it for dinner and a play in the city.  It also provides the luxuries that you deserve with such features as heated and cooled seating and heated steering wheel.  After all, you deserve a little pampering from a hard day.

Regardless of your needs, you are sure to find a Chevy in McAllen, Texas that fits your lifestyle and personality.  Get a truck, car, or SUV that you will love in the day or night, country or city, on highways or down country roads.

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