Pittman’s Top 8 Road Safety Tips

Never use your mobile phone whilst driving 

How many times have you seen a businessman being pulled over by a road traffic official after having once hand on his/her steering wheel and the other on a mobile device? I see this at least once a week, making or receiving a call whilst driving can distract your attention from the road and ultimately cause a severe accident. Do not to take calls while driving, even if it’s a hand free device that you are using.


Buckle up at the back 
Some passengers think that it is not necessary for them to be buckled up if they are seated at the back. This is a terrible assumption considering that there have been countless reported cases where an unbelted rear passenger caused injury and even death to the driver or a front seat passenger during a collision. Do not risk the lives of others, drivers should also be vigilant and insist that all their passengers wear a seat belt.


Never drink and drive 
This is an obviously one, many accidents on the road can be attributed to negligence and drunk driving, even the smallest amounts of alcohol can  slow down your reactivation time  and effect your driving ability. It is never advisable to drink before or whilst driving.


Stay calm and Slow down
You are more likely to kill a pedestrian driving at high-speed than at 30mph , avoid being hasty on the roads and live to see another day. Speed kills so if you are late or need to get somewhere quickly, make sure that you are within the speed limit. Watch out for speed bumps as this will indicate when you should be driving slowly.


Watch out for young  pedestrians  
Children can be a handful inside a car while driving; there is no telling what they can do next. So it’s understandable that they can also be a handful outside a car, due to children impulsive nature, drivers need to be weary around road crossings around schools, buses and train stations


Take a timeout during driving
Bear in mind that we are all human so tiredness or fatigue does tend to settle in.  Most of us work long hours or even spend most of our day driving on the road. It is shocking that 10% of road accidents are thought to be caused by tiredness, make sure that you take frequent breaks if you are embarking on a long journey.  The recommended testing period is 15minutes for every 2 hours travelled.

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Anticipate and Observe

In sports, good defenders or guards are usually the ones that can anticipate movement very well. Good defensive driving involves you observing and anticipating movement from other road users. You mirrors are your tools; use them to their fullest potential. Watch out for speed bumps at night.


Keep your distance
Keeping a good safe distance between the car in front of you will give you enough time to react if something unexpected happens. A safe following distance should be around a two – three second gap.

George wrote this article after doing research on speedbumps

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/5951719653/

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