Over Enthusiastic Parking Wardens


I had to take the ticket on the chin only for an even more annoying incident to occur a few weeks later. I was again showing gowns to a bridal shop, this time in London. There was a loading bay but wary of exceeding my allowed time after the previous incident, I parked around the corner on a meter. I pumped the thing full of money and then had to carry the huge load bit by bit back to the shop. After the visit I reloaded as quickly as I could, mindful of the time, but as I returned to my vehicle for the last time there was a warden issuing a ticket. According to my watch I was still OK but according to his I was late.

He thrust his swanky Tissot watch in my face pointing at the time and insisted that I had overstayed my welcome. At least I knew what he was spending his commission on! The timing situation is a big problem. If your watch is not on exactly the same time as the meter you could be in trouble. There needs to be a little leeway given for timing discrepancies but naturally with targets to meet the wardens are just issuing the tickets at the first opportunity. For all I know the timer on the ticket machine could be deliberately misleading. I was again livid as I could have parked for free in the loading bay but had chosen to pay to avoid the very situation I now faced.

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