Over Enthusiastic Parking Wardens

Loading Bays

I completely understand that wardens have a job to do and that illegal parking is a major problem but the enforcers have to be reasonable too and they generally aren’t! A couple of years ago I found the red mist descending when I parked in a loading bay outside a parade of shops. I was showing a collection of bridal gowns to a boutique and there were more than 20 large dresses to carry in and out. The loading bay had a time restriction which I had only exceeded by a few seconds when a warden appeared and issued me a ticket whilst I was staggering across the road with a heavy load and he then took several photographs of my vehicle. I was livid as he must have been lying in wait ready to jump out at the exact second my waiting time had expired. He could see that I was struggling to carry the goods and rather than cutting me any slack and help me across the road he just issued a fine. I was clearly making a legitimate stop and only a pair of superheroes could have unloaded and reloaded the dresses in the allotted time.

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