Eight Smart Reasons Why Your Garage Should be Home to Your Cars Not Your Tools

Keeping a car in a garage seems like a no-brainer for people who live in certain areas, and there certainly are many practical reasons for keeping a car in a garage. Here are eight of them.

Protection From the Elements

Keeping a car in a garage means keeping it safe from all the potential weather conditions that could damage it. Of course, garaging a car keeps it safe from well-known weather damage, such as hail damage or damage from falling tree limbs and other wind-blown debris, but it also protects the car’s paint job from wearing out due to the sun or from the interior being damaged by excessive heat. Keeping a car in a garage can also protect it from long-term environmental damage, such as rust or mold.

Theft deterrent

A car kept in a secured garage is not impossible to steal, but it certainly is a lot harder to steal than one that sits out in the street or in a driveway all the time. Just simply having a car out of the sight of potential thieves makes it much less of a target.

Lower insurance premiums

Most insurance companies will offer lower premiums to car owners who keep their cars in a garage. Why? For the reasons mentioned above. A garaged car is less likely to be damaged or stolen, which means fewer claims to the insurance company.



For people who live in a four-season climate, keeping the car in a garage means not having to climb into an ice-cold car in the winter. A garage also means not having to scrape snow and ice off the windshield and windows. During the summer, a garaged car will be considerably cooler than one that has been baking out in the sun.

Preventing wildlife damage Keeping a car in a garage protects it from damage that can be caused by corrosive bird droppings. It may also protect it from damage caused by animals walking and climbing on the car or building nests in the undercarriage or engine block.

A good place to work For do-it-your-selfers, a garage for the car is almost a necessity. Without a garage, any time a person needs to work on his car, it means he has to haul out the tools he needs. It can also be a real pain if the elements are not cooperating.


A person lugging packages from a car parked on the street to her house could be a potential theft target. However, that risk is eliminated if that same person is driving straight into an attached garage. Even a detached garage offers some protection.

Protection from vandalism

Another advantage of keeping a car in a garage is not having to worry about vandalism. With a car parked on the street or even in a driveway, there is always the worry of miscreants breaking windows or slashing tires. Putting the car in a garage removes this worry.

Greta Holam works for Nissan dealers in and around Washington, and she also assists customers in the ongoing safety of her Nissan customers and their vehicles. She also helps her customers save money on insurance by advising them of the discounts available for cars that are secured in a garage.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joanet/5797063565/

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