A Funny Guide To The World’s Worst Drivers

They exist all over the world, in every town and village, but who are truly the world’s worst drivers, and why? Here is a little selection of ten cities whose drivers are certainly vying for the title.

Traffic Jam in Bangkok


Kuala Lumpur: This place mostly gets its bad rap for the quality of its taxi drivers. Tourists here are regularly ripped off and taken on grand tours of the city that they just didn’t want or need to do, and their citizens’ respect for the rules of the road are a little lax to say the least. “Taxi!” Oh, no, wait, I think i’ll walk.


Delhi: If a population of over a billion was not enough of a hassle to have to think about when heading out onto the roads in India, then the introduction of holy cows that have right of way and large packs of stray dogs appearing round the next corner will probably make you think twice about leaving the confines of your hotel room when visiting. Delhi is epicentre of all traffic craziness. Complete chaos. Traffic jams, road works, car using both sides of the road, rickshaw drivers peddling down the centre of the motorway. Sheer madness!


Bangkok: The problem here is not so much the driving, as Thai people are generally very calm and easy going. No, the problem with driving in this city is that most people just don’t seem to know where they are going. The monsoon rains in the summer months hardly help this fact and it is common practice for the whole city to gridlocked for hours on end during the rush hour. Better give yourself some extra time to get the airport, or take the train they are excellent!


Washington D.C: Perhaps a surprise to see the capital of the world’s only legitimate super power on this list but for some reason the people here are just prone to traffic accidents. On average a resident of D.C has an accident every 4.7 years, and the chances of being involved in an accident in this city are 112% more likely than in any other city in the States.


Naples: Driving here is like being in a video game. That might sound cool but in reality its not possible to put more money and start afresh once you’ve had an accident. They say the south is different and that is no better evidenced than in Naples. This beautiful but crazy city regularly tops worst of lists from tourists who have had the pleasure of putting the pedal to the metal here.


Moscow: Russia is the worst place in the industrialised world for road deaths and its capital certainly offers a glimpse into the reasons why. Basic traffic rules are flouted by those who can afford to pay off the police if they are caught and some of the infrastructure is not exactly what you would expect from such a mighty nation.


So for anybody who was thinking about taking a road trip around the world it would probably be advisable to steer well clear of these destinations. Well, if you do it by tuk-tuk or rickshaw you won’t have too much of an investment to lose, forget about that special design 911 though. It’ll be much safer collecting value in the garage!



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The article was written by Alisha Webb. Alisha is a British writer and content developer for Design 911.

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