Rust and Pre-emptive Car Care

Do you love your car? Do you wash it and vacuum the insides every week? That’s simply not enough and far too superficial. The motorcar is one of man’s greatest creations and you should respect it if only for your own benefit. Look after your car properly and it’ll give you years of joy, hold its value, and be much less likely to let you down when you least expect it. Here are some great tips of what to watch out for.

Rust is the cancer of cars. It will sneak up on you, spread, and be one your worst motoring nightmares. As well as being horribly unsightly ultimately it can cause structural failure of your car and be deemed roadworthy by an MOT tester.

There are safeguards against rust built in your car, such as the paintwork, but these can only do so much and it’s a case of cost-benefit economics by the manufactures just how far they go (few cars have aluminium chassis and bodies). The good news is that you can help make it less of a compromise.

Check your car warranty. Some manufacturers have offered extended guarantees against rust to ward off bad publicity from notorious quality issues.

Do wash your regularly as gatherings of dirt and especially sea water can be a trigger but this is only the start.
The internet has done wonders for home car care. Get to know your particular model of car by reading internet forums found by searching online. Many cars have notorious rust risk spots in exactly the same places which might be the around the boot keyhole or at the bottom of the doors where water can settle.

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A simple application of grease in sensitive areas can help stave problems off. Don’t be afraid to spray water displacement spray into all nooks and crannies in your car even inside doors.

Stone chips to the paintwork from high speed motorway driving should be a concern as well as any of scratches or damage. Use touch up paints to conceal the exposure and avoid any future problems.

Don’t forget about the engine bay and underneath of the car. Don’t be afraid to get very busy with spray and grease where appropriate. Getting right underneath your car is difficult and should absolutely never be attempted with a simple jack. You may get the best opportunity to do so by asking a mechanic nicely when going in for another reason if they have a car lift.

Repair is possible but once it does start it really does spread fast over the months so it really is about pre-emptive action. Repair is all about the right tools and technique. Read around the subject and if you’re confident you could have a go yourself by buying the parts from an automotive store. It usually starts by using abrasive materials to clear the rust and old paint then a chemical gel to remove absolutely all traces of the rust. This part is extremely important because if any rust is left it will continue where it left and you’ll be in the same position a couple of months down the line. Next involves primers, paint, and finally lacquer.

James Davis writes on behalf of Euro Car Parts Ltd

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