Pimp Your Ride (on a budget)

With the new financial year coming up, issues with money are looming on everybody’s mind. You might be thinking about ways to get or save extra cash, or paying off your mortgage or your assets, like your car. If your car care is suffering because of your bad credit from a botched car financing deal, fear not, because there are ways to revamp your car, even on a budget.

Touch up those scratches

Why throw away hundreds of dollars on a new paint job when you could touch up those minor scratches and dings yourself? With the right tools and a little bit of skill, your car could look just as good at a fraction of a price. Buy a paint touch up kit from dealer or a car store, give your car a good wash, and paint over your car’s problem spots, following the instructions carefully. Once it’s dried, give it a coat of wax or polymer finish to give it some shine, and your car will look like it’s just gotten a whole new paint job.

car wash

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Check your brakes

If your car wheels are looking a little worse for wear, maybe the breaks are to blame. Most brake pads are made of metal compounds that give off dust whenever you stop the car. This dust can stain your wheels and rims, which can mess with your car’s performance. To fix this, you could pay for a wheel cleaning, or you could do it yourself for much cheaper. All you need is some liquid wheel cleaner, which will set you back about $10, an old toothbrush and some elbow-grease.

Fix up the interior

If you spend a lot of time in your car, chances are it will end up looking a lot like a smaller, unkempt living room. Rubbish, tissues, plastic bags, receipts, food wrappers – you name it, it usually somehow finds its way to the floor of your car. It does a world of good to spend 10-15 minutes weekly going through your car with a hand-held vacuum and clearing away the build-up of crumbs on the floor, or dust on the dashboard. If your dashboard could use a little restoration, consider giving it a little hard-surface treatment to have it looking like new. The inside of your car is the part you spend most of your time looking at, so it makes sense that you should put the effort into making it look presentable. Consider keeping a small bin in your car if you find those pesky bits of rubbish keep piling up.

Joseph Brown is a car expert specialising in bad credit car finance. He believes you don’t need a lot of cash to pimp your ride on a budget.

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