My New Car Is a Dud, Now What?

Find Out If You Need a Lemon Law Lawyer

You have finally bought that new car you’ve been wanting for quite some time now. You drive it off the lot. The new car smell is intoxicating. The new leather seats are glistening in the sun coming in through the power sun roof. Everyone is staring as you drive off down the road. You get home and park it in your driveway. You get out and stand back to revel in your new car’s glory. Then you see it. A large puddle containing a black gooey substance is forming under you new beauty. You don’t want to panic yet. You get in and try to start your engine so you can move it to another spot in the driveway, just to make sure it’s a leak. You look at your gauges. The oil gauge is telling you that there is no oil left in your car. You sit behind the wheel and after your moment of disbelief passes, you need to make a decision. Do I need to call a Lemon Law Lawyer?

Every state in the United States has a lemon law to protect the consumer. Before you take any action, you need to determine for sure if the issue you are having with your new car qualifies it as a lemon. If your car has problems, but drives fine it will not qualify as a lemon. If you simply just decide you don’t like your new car, it will not qualify as a lemon. If your brakes don’t work, you can’t change gears, or if your new car won’t start at all, among other things that would keep you from driving your vehicle, you may have a lemon. It’s important that you have given the manufacturer the chance to do repair work first before you hire a Lemon Law Lawyer to represent you. Most laws offer the manufacturer three chances to repair the issue, unless the car is out of service an extended period of time.

Everybody loves the feeling a brand new car can bring. Nobody loves the feeling that having a lemon can bring. As a consumer you do have rights. If you think you’ve bought a lemon, research the specific lemon laws in your home state (please link this to Once you have all the information you need and follow the required steps, go forth and seek the retribution you deserve.

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