Making A Car Last A Million Miles Takes Effort And A Little Luck

If you ask nearly every owner of a car that has successfully traveled over a million miles what the key is to their amazing success with their automobile, most will answer that the biggest secret is proper and regular maintenance. Oil changes are done with exceptional attention to scheduling, averaging about every 3,000 to 3,500 miles. A vital part that will eventually wear out and need replacing regularly is the brakes. Many cars will need new fuel pumps somewhere around that million mile mark, and transmission fluid is usually changed by 25,000 miles.

Keeping a car clean is important, especially if owners live in cold climates where road salt is a factor. Road salt is the main contributor to rust forming on the car if it is not regularly washed. Salt is extremely destructive, and special attention must be paid to cleaning not only the body of the vehicle, but also washing the underside to remove salt.

The owners of vehicles in the million mile club are a small group of exceptional owners extremely dedicated to making their vehicles last so long. Driving and handling the car gently and proper care contribute to its lasting longer.

Some Stories From Million Mile Automobile Owners
A retired teacher in New York presently owns a Volvo Coupe two door model P1800 that he bought brand new in 1966. His vehicle is estimated to go over the three million mile mark in the middle of 2013. Amazingly, it still runs well.

The major factors contributing to his success have been careful attention paid to regular maintenance, driving it gently, keeping it clean and changing any parts that need to be changed regularly. In addition, he never ignores strange vibrations, smells or noises. If something doesn’t seem right, the car is inspected to find out what it needs to keep running.

A Chevrolet Silverado truck has brought good luck to a Michigan retired auto worker and his wife, going over one million miles in just six years. It is amazing that the truck still has its original transmission and its original engine. The majority of the miles were highway miles, which definitely makes a difference in the life of a vehicle. Careful driving is also an important factor.

Another pickup truck, a 1996 Dodge 2500 has also lasted its owner over a million miles. Water pumps, radiators, alternators and starter motors needed replacing, and since its owner was mechanically trained, he was able to rebuild and replace the transmission a couple of times.

A Honda Accord owned by a family in Maine also went over the one million mile mark. The car was purchased used in 1996, and with careful and strict attention to a maintenance schedule, has lasted the family over one million miles. Interior items such as upholstery needed replacing simply due to the wear and tear of transporting children long before mechanical items needed replacing.


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A Wisconsin man was able to donate a SAAB SPG from 1989 to a museum recently after the car had been driven over a million miles in the seventeen years that he owned it. Needing a new transmission and three head gaskets to be replaced, the car was generally in sound condition when it was donated to the museum. The winters in Wisconsin, however, had caused salt damage to the body of the car which became the reason for its donation to the museum.

Excellent Maintenance Is The Most Important Factor Along With A Little Luck
The common theme expressed by owners of these exceptional vehicles are that their cars were given the utmost attention when it came to vital maintenance. This extra attention helped to keep them running in excellent condition for so many years and for so many miles. A stellar maintenance plan is the key to some vehicles lasting through to that million mile mark.

However, some have said that another factor is pure luck. The car that they purchased, whether it was bought new or used was in sound mechanical condition to begin with and was so well-built that it was able to successfully go the million miles. Being a careful and thoughtful owner helped, but the basic vehicle was built extremely well and had experienced very few issues over the years.

So with a bit of luck and lots of careful maintenance, other owners may one day enjoy the experience of owning one of these exceptional vehicles. And they may also become a member of this exclusive club of car owners that own million mile vehicles, and be able to call themselves a member of the special ‘Million Mile Club’.

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  1. I am not a car enthusiast but I liked how the article reminds me about the things that we truly treasure in life not just because we know they can serve us in return but the fact that we still have them for so long in a good condition is itself could be the greatest achievement for them. Truly things that has been taken cared of with so much attention could last long . Otherwise, there are things that could be bought in an excellent condition but reckless owners could lose them at a snap. Is it a little luck for some?

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