Learn How to Fix Auto Paint Scratches Cheaply

Having a car means dealing with many things, including those dreaded and often unavoidable paint scratches. The scratch may be unavoidable but the cost doesn’t have to be. Usually, scratches don’t require repair by a professional, so instead of spending the money, follow these rules for repairing paint scratches at home.

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Don’t Ignore the Scratch

It’s easy to procrastinate, but when it comes to repairing scratches, it’s definitely in your best interest not to put it off for long. Leaving a scratch can only result in bigger problems, such as rust and corrosion. This is only going to cost you more time and money. So when you notice the scratch, do something about it as soon as possible.

Assess the Damage

Once you notice the scratch, the first step is to decide how serious it is. If it doesn’t go through the paint completely, then it may just be a matter of buffing the scratch with some cleaner wax or scratch remover. If this fixes the scratch, then your job is done. If it’s deeper and goes through the paint, then you will most likely have to use touch-up paint. If the damage is more extensive, remember the next couple rules when doing repairs.

Do Your Research

When doing paint touch-ups, it’s important to use the right color. You’re trying to make your car look better, and using the wrong color can just make things worse. You should be able to find the paint color code inside your car, in your car’s repair manual, or on the manufacturer’s website. Along with knowing the color, it’s also important to do research about paint brands. Some paint is cheaper, but when you’re trying to hide a scratch, cheap paint can often just make things worse.

Clean Up the Car

Before applying the paint, clean the car’s surface over and around the scratch. The surface of a car can look clean even if it’s covered in oil, dirt, and other contaminants, and a dirty surface can prevent the paint from bonding with the car’s surface.

Simple Paint Touch-Up Tips

There are many products you can get for this, so find out what your choices are. For bigger scratches, you can use paint from a bottle or spray can. The product you buy will have instructions you should follow. Don’t just assume you know how to use the touch-up paint, as each product is different and may require specific steps. So next time you find a scratch on your car, don’t run out and spend money on a professional repair job. Just remember these easy rules and repair it yourself. Not only will you save money, but your car will look good as new!

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