How to Make Your Car More Energy Efficient

When it comes to the myriad ways that we create pollution on a daily basis, few things have as much of a profound effect on the environment as the way we use our vehicles. Most of us will drive several times a day, to and from our place of work for instance and every time we need to go to a convenience store/have a family day out. Each time we do this will create a large amount of pollution that gets released into the atmosphere and contributes to the general increase of CO2 that’s causing our planet to heat up so much over time.

As such many of us are taking steps to try and improve our eco-efficiency and to try and drive in ways that will create less pollution and so have less of a terrible toll on the planet. But if you’re only thinking about the way you drive, then you’re missing a large factor that could help you to greatly improve your carbon footprint. What’s crucial here is that you think of the car as well, and the condition that your car is in so that you can improve its efficiency. Here we will look at some ways you can do that.

Reduce the Weight

The weight of your car has a lot to do with how much fuel it uses and how quickly it will get to its destination. If your car is filled with unnecessary fittings then this will weigh it down more and you’ll require more fuel than usual to cross the same amount of distance. In other words then, if you lighten your load, you will also reduce the burden you are placing on the planet – so think about stripping your car down to just the essentials by throwing things out of the boot and back seat, and by seeing your local CMM mechanics to have other elements stripped too.

Loosen Your Brakes

If your brakes are too tight then this can cause them to squeeze slightly on the brake disks. It’s unlikely you’ll have this problem unless you’ve tried to change your brake pads yourself recently, so instead just let a professional handle this so that you aren’t wasting energy.

Replace Your Suspension

If your suspension is very old then this isn’t just going to impact on the comfort of your journey, but also on the efficiency. The reason for this is that your shocks keep you level and prevent your whole car from driving in and out of bumps and holes in the road. This in turn then means that you will be able to drive in a straighter line by keeping them in good condition, which will mean you use less fuel to get to your destination. And it’s better for your car too…

Keep the Tires Pumped Up

If you let your tires deflate then this is a sure way to make your car more sluggish and cause it to require more fuel to travel at normal speed. Keep your tires well pumped and you’ll find your car flies much more quickly and easily over the tarmac.

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