How to Check Your Tires’ Condition

You car is probably one of the most important property that you have.  For one, it makes your travel from your home to your work place hassle-free.  If you have your own car, you don’t have to wait for a cab or or fall in line on a bus stop.  Having your own car is not only advantageous for your work, but beneficial for your family recreation as well.  During holidays and Sundays, you can take a trip to anywhere you like with your whole family.  Because of the importance of vehicle in your every day and special affairs, you have to take care of it so you can be able to avoid meeting accidents on the road.  Taking care of your automobile means you have to spend time to check the condition of the tires before you leave and set off on the driveway.

The air pressure is one of the major factors that affect the condition of you car tires.  The air pressure is critical, especially when you are going to tread on snow, ice, and wet surface.   There are actually two ways to ensure that you car’s tires are well conditioned.  One is by using a gauge and the other is by using a coin.

Using a gauge

A tire pressure gauge is a good investment in making sure that your car tires will always be in shape.  This can be bought from auto part stores.   If you want an easy-to-use air pressure gauge, you can use a digital air pressure gauge.

Step 1:  Locate the air valve.

Make sure that you tire is cool before you take the air pressure for accurate reading.   You then have to find the air valve.  This is a small hose in the tire.  You then have to remove the cap and keep it in a safe place.

Step 2:  Insert the gauge.

Press the tire pressure gauge against the valve.  Make sure that the seal between the valve and the gauge is completely sealed.  You can then read the result in the metal tube.  For a more accurate result, get the air pressure twice.

Using a penny

If there is no auto part shop near you, you can still check the condition of the tires by using a Lincoln-head coin.

Step 1:  Measure the pressure
Pinch the coin between your forefinger and thumb.  You then have to insert the coin to the tread groove with Lincoln’s head downward.  If a part of Lincoln’s head is hidden by the tread, your tires are safe.  Otherwise, you need new ones.

Flat tires can cause delays, while tires that are out of shape can also lead to accidents.  So before going to any destination, you should check the condition of your tires with these easy steps to ensure safety.

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  1. Due to the significant role it plays in our daily lives, cars should be well taken care of as if they are part of our bodies–like our feet and legs. Analogous to our own physiology, a car’s tires are its foundation. Without it, it cannot run. Aside from checking its condition, it is also best to put into mind the kind of tires that you are using because sometimes, the condition of the tire depends well on the terrain it is used on. For more information about the kind of tires, you can visit a local shop or search the internet. Ehow and Wikihow provides quality information not only about tires but about practically everything you can think of

  2. Keep in mind what you have learned in driving school. Stick to your good driving habits. That will greatly help in keeping your tires from wearing quickly. Adhere to speed limits. Usually there are signs at the side of the road for every place you visit. Do not force your car to run over the curbs or it will really affect your tires. Stick to the allowed passengers of your car. Check your manual for this information. Have your car regularly checked. It is advisable to have an expert technician to look at it especially before road trips.

  3. Some tire shops today have Nitrogen gas to inflate the tires. It is more expensive though but very light and it increases your car’s speed. Nitrogen provides stability in the tires especially in high speeds. It is also less combustible and less likely cause blowing of the tire.

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