Four Reasons Why Regular Vehicle Check-ups are Vital

In the time of Henry Ford’s Model T, the car owner who understands how the automobile functions can service it virtually anywhere, because cars are much simpler then. Today, the growing sophistication of a car’s workings has effectively transferred maintenance from the owner to the shop. A standard checkup could involve about 50 (or more) adjustments and component diagnosis compared to probably less than ten long ago. The electronic fuel injection system alone is now beyond the ken of most car owners and drivers, who are really helpless when the system breaks down.

Thus it has become more imperative for you as the car owner to have your auto checked on a regular maintenance schedule. This will give you at least four (4) great benefits.

Keep your car in top form and performance. You can’t control the price of gas but you can manage its use. A car in good form will use less gas than otherwise, savings that can be substantial after sometime. Not only gas, but tires, oil and other expendable components as well. Plus, you get worry-less and hassle-free trips.

Conceivably extend the useful life of the car, and assure you of reliable performance for a longer time. A well-kept car will continue to function better for a longer time than one that has not been maintained well. You can depend on it to take you where you want to go without problems and in one piece.

Forestall more costly future repairs and damage. Failing components or malfunctioning systems that may not be readily noticeable can lead to major and expensive repairs later. A simple holed air cleaner, for instance, can engender rapid deterioration of the cylinder bore walls and less combustion pressure, smoky exhaust, higher fuel consumption and slower acceleration among many. If not remedied early, reboring of the cylinders may be needed to get the car to perform up to par or near it. Cylinder reboring is a major repair job, both costly and lengthy.

Also, everyone knows how a faulty brake system can cause accidents which are dangerous to lives and limbs, to say the least. A timely check-up by a competent mechanic can correct incipient car troubles that can lead to more serious problems.

Higher resale value. If you have to sell the car later, it will fetch a better price if it has been maintained well, and you would probably recoup your investments in maintaining it well.

While vehicle designers and manufacturers continuously seek measures to make your car safer, passenger protective and more economical to drive, they can do nothing more than what had been designed into the car once it is sold to a consumer. The safety and well-being of the vehicle itself then passes to the owner or its driver. If you are either or both, it becomes then your responsibility to make the car and every trip you make safe by maintaining your car at its best.

Regular checkups can do that for you.

Ben is a car fanatic who loves working on cars in his spare time. During the week Ben works for Fozmula, a company specialising in liquid level sensors and measurement equipment for machinery.

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