Easy Ways to Aesthetically Soup Up Your Car

Easy Ways to Aesthetically Soup Up Your Car

Adding style and distinction to a stock model car or truck, by enhancing its appearance with aesthetically pleasing upgrades, makes a dramatic statement and personalizes any vehicle. Simple additions such as, installing rims or spoilers, vanity license plates, or window tinting dramatically alter any vehicle’s image, significantly adding to its appeal. HID Kits are another popular aftermarket improvement that anyone can implement, and causes a drastic change in the look of a car or truck.

Adding More Style

Outfitting a vehicle with a vanity plate or spoiler addition also makes a distinctive impression by providing a stand out accessory that reflects individuality, while prominently displaying the singular style of the car or truck, as well as the exclusive tastes of the owner.

A highly affordable accessory, the vanity plate’s statement is limited only by a person’s intelligence and ability to cleverly express their ideas within a 6 to 7 character maximum allowance, (character allowance varies by state) and offers an individually unique vehicle addition at a relatively low cost.

Depending on the make or model of the vehicle, a spoiler also provides a stylish improvement, but due to its installation and production, it is grouped with more costly improvements like rim additions. An extensive selection and variety is available from numerous suppliers, therefore finding the rim set or spoiler, that meets the budget and look required is easily accomplished. These exclusive aftermarket upgrades produce a dramatic expression make an extreme change in the vehicle’s appearance and overall look.

Upgrade Your Eyes

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) light conversion upgrades are not only great looking, they improve nighttime visibility by using xenon gas and halide salts combined with an electrical arc to produce a brighter, more efficient vehicle headlamp. Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, these lights come in a variety of color options and increase illumination up to three times, creating a highly functional, yet, brilliant, and stunning embellishment.

Installing HID Kits is a relatively simple project, but because the bulbs do not run off a standard battery, there are a few things to keep in mind while performing the upgrade. The kit will include an AC ballast for energy conversion, along with detailed instructions for proper installation. HID Kits are available for any make or model vehicle and are generally priced under $200.


  • Mount ballasts as close as possible, but away from excessive moisture or heat.
  • The special wiring cannot be lengthened.
  • Do not touch the bulbs with bare hands; oils in skin can cause damage.
  • Check with state and local highway law enforcement to ensure legality.

With a little time and investment, a vehicle’s image and attributes can be improved and transformed into a head-turning ride that exudes personal style.

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