Don’t Be Stuck by The Side of the Road – Maintain Your Auto Battery this Fall

Our vehicles start with standard lead acid automobile batteries.  Simply put if cannot start ( or turn over) your engine through electrical current provided by your truck or car’s battery you simply do no have reliable transportation to get you to work , do family errands or putter you around.   Batteries have to maintained and cared for – even the ones stamped proudly on top “maintenance free”.  Otherwise they won’t put out enough “juice” to effortlessly start your motor come winter January cold.  Whir , whir , whir and you are stuck still in that cold Edmonton weather waiting for that emergency roadside assistance vehicle.

Keeping Your Car’s Battery Clean  is One of the Most Essential Services of Routine Auto Care & Maintenance :

Keeping your auto’s lead plate electrolyte filled battery clean is one the essential services you can do for your truck, car or crossover Sports Utility Vehicle.  On top of that, no matter what the service tech at your local car dealer will “advise “you, it is one of the easiest.  As well don’t fall prey to the threat that by conducting standard and simple car battery ongoing maintenance you will be “invalidating your auto manufacturer’s new car warranty”.  That is just a ploy to get you back into those service shop stalls with a hefty sized auto repair invoice printed out conveniently at the factory authorized service tech’s counter.

It’s All About Maintaining Your Batteries Ability To Hold a Good & Solid Electrical Charge & Current:

To begin with we are not talking about the appearance or the aesthetic factors of a “clean battery” – as if the car was just delivered new and there was no roadside dirt or grime on a brand new factory fresh battery.  We are concerned about cleanliness to maintain the charge of the battery – its power as an electrical reservoir to churn your vehicle’s electrically powered starter motor to life.  This way your vehicle’s power plant can  be counted on to effortlessly and most importantly reliably be counted on to fire up your engine in the coldest climes and as well most remote places you might visit and travel to. With a clean and well maintained auto battery you will be set to travel onwards to whatever and wherever your destination is or destinations are.  You can definitely count on that 100 %.   After all isn’t the whole purpose of your monthly family auto budget expenditure to provide yourself and your family with reliable transportation?

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Sherwood Park

Sherwood is a well known  and colourful character in the northern Alberta & Edmonton Canadian automotive sales , servicing & auto financing industries.  Park lives and breathes cars & trucks.  He only wishes his budget would allow him more luxurious and frequent upgrades & updates in his personal automotive fleet

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