Car Parts That Fail Over Time

Depending on how well we drive and how careful we are, our cars may pick up more or less damage than others. Careless drivers are more likely to have collisions while also putting the car under more stress, whereas more gentle drivers are kinder to their cars and would probably not have an accident. No matter how careful we may be however, we cannot stop some parts of our car from picking up wear and tear and some things will fail eventually. There are some parts of our car that are likely to need replacing through wear and tear more so than others.


The tyres of your car are in constant contact with the road and as such they are constantly being eroded. Even though more aggressive drivers are likely to lose more rubber to the road, even safer drivers will find that their tyres wear down in time and that they will need to be replaced. Worn tyres are potentially very dangerous as they could cause your cat to aquaplane causing you to lose control completely. If your tyres do look as though they are worn, be sure to get them replaced as soon as you can.

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Brake Discs and Pads

Because brake discs and pads are designed to deliberately cause friction and slow down the wheel, they are among the most often replaced part of any car. Such is the friction caused when applying the brakes that in some racing vehicles you can see the glow from the heat that is caused by the intense forces they are being subjected to. Although road cars may not be subjected to the same degree of forces, it comes of no surprise that they are still but under a lot of pressure and will wear before long.


The very purpose of oil and air filters in your car is for them to trap dirt and debris, so they are going to become very dirty indeed. In time, they will have accumulated enough debris that they will begin to get blocked and the flow of air and oil through them will become restricted. Once the flow becomes restricted then the performance of the engine begins to suffer, and it is then time to have them replaced. If you do find that your car is feeling sluggish and you know that you have changed the oil recently, the chances are that it is time that your filters were changed for new ones.

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