Avoid Car Repair Shop Ripoffs with These 5 Tips

Every car on the road will require regular maintenance and service, and to support this need, a massive network of car repair shops exists…with more springing up daily. It can be tough to ensure that your car gets serviced properly, so here are a few tips to avoid car repair shop ripoffs.

Consult your Social Network

The best way to avoid getting ripped off by any service provider is to get a few referrals to those who have helped your friends or family in the past. Ask around on Facebook or with work colleagues to find out who runs the most honest repair shop in town.

Spend Time Learning About Your Car

Seedy car repair shops tend to go after individuals who know little to nothing about their cars, as it’s easy to confuse and mislead them into products or services they don’t need. The more you know about your car – and automobiles in general – the less susceptible to shady marketing you will be.


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Stick with the Dealership Whenever Possible

While there are certainly some less-than-reputable dealership repair shops out there, they are far less common than shady independent repair shops because they have a brand name to protect and a franchise that can be taken away for poor performance. An additional level of protection comes via the ability to blame the manufacturer if the repairs fail or cause damage, as the car was serviced by the manufacturer’s own repair facility.

Find Out Where your Parts are Coming From

Another of the methods that shady repair shops use to fleece their clientele is by substituting higher-priced name brand parts with lower quality generic parts. Not only does this cost the customer a bit of extra cash, but using these parts can potentially void a car’s warranty and make the car less safe in the long run. Ask about your parts – a reputable shop will have no problem proving that the parts are genuine.

Get a Complete Breakdown of the Repair Bill

Reputable car repair businesses will have a line-by-line breakdown of all work that was performed along with a list of the parts and materials used on the final invoice. If the repair bill as items combined together with a single price – such as “labor” or “parts” – be sure to ask for a complete breakdown of what was performed, what it cost, and how it added up to the total.

These are just a few tips to prevent one from being scammed by a car repair shop. At the end of the day, trust in knowledge and gut instinct when dealing with repair firms. If it feels wrong, it might be; don’t hesitate to check things out!

John is passionate about automobiles and automobile technology, and knows that purchasing an inexpensive used car (voiture occasion pas cher in French) is far from simple, so he writes to provide first time used car buyers with simple tips to ensure a good purchase.

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