Candle Colours And Their Effects on the Human Psyche

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows candles are decorative, smell great, and can function as a source of light and ambiance. In spite of this fact, most people are not aware that you can use candles to get certain results from your own life & being.

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Colours have a big role in this. For instance – if you want passionate, romantic night with your lover, you will want to employ a few red or orange candles – to enhance the mood. Perfumes that go well with red candles to enhance passion are Jasmine, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Rose. Lighting a blue candle in a room would also provide a certain ambiance, but certainly not as passionately as a red or orange candle would.

Yellow candles on the other hand are fantastic for invigorating yourself. Yellow is a joyful, bright colour that assists one to focus and energise. Aromas that work with yellow candles for energy are ginger, citrus scents and peppermint.

Pink is typically the colour most associated with love, and therefore, if you want to invite love into your life, you should burn some pink candles. Great scents to go with pink candles are rose, jasmine, hyacinth, hibiscus, and rosewood. Pink can also be interpreted as the colour of motherhood and femininity.

Blue candles are terrific for relaxation and emotional well-being. Light a blue candle to inspire a feeling of wellness. Scents used with blue candles are quite varied. Some of these are lavender, chamomile, frankincense, lemongrass and sage.

In this day and age – green candles signifies money and financial stability, in addition to the home. If you desire some more money in your life, burning green candles will allow you to focus on this issue a bit more clearly. Perfumes that go well with green candles are basil and juniper, and numerous other “green” kinds of scents.

White candles are a representation of purity and are great all-occasion candles. Black candles on the other hand are good for purging yourself of negativity and bad energies.

Purple is the colour of devotion and prayer. If you wish to meditate or you simply want to light a candle when praying – the colour purple is a suitable choice. Fragrances for prayer should depend on the individual, though widely accepted fragrances for prayer include frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and spruce.

Unquestionably, candle scents also play a huge role in making changes to your life. If you are a person who is highly sensitive to scents, an odourless candle is obviously best. If you aren’t – fragrance can be a true enrichment to any candle, whether used metaphorically or for aromatherapy purposes.

Now that you know what colours can encourage, use any combination of the abovementioned to bring about improvements in your life.

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