Can I Recycle My Waste Oil?

A lot of things which you use and come across will function from using oil! If you get on a bus or get on a train, somewhere along the line oil has to be used. Oil prices keep going up and up, and this is because the amount of oil waste we create! Many people who use oil on a regular basis don’t even dispose of the oil properly and safely. If oil is disposed of incorrectly then it will end up being part of water and land pollution. Not only is this just a waste of oil but it is also endangering the environment we live in. A lot of people do not realise that you can recycle oil, not only is this protecting our environment from more waste oil but it is also cheaper than buying fresh oil.


Manufacturing companies often use an oil and water mix as part of the manufacturing process. Once the water and oil is mixed, people tend to think that the oil has been contaminated and will be no good to use after. However, you can still get water and oil mix recycled. The oil and water will be separated and the oil purified so that the oil can be used again.

You can use recycled oil to carry out the jobs which you would use fresh oil for. There are many different oil recycling centres around the UK which you can take your used oil to. These facilities have the equipment such as pumps to recycle the oil quicker and safer.

If you are still unsure what to do with your waste oil, then you can employ an industrial cleaning team to your business. This team will then advise you what to do with you waste and do the job for you if you like. Industrial cleaning teams can also control other cleaning aspects of your business. Industrial cleaning services can also ensure that your hazardous chemicals are disposed of properly and safely. As well as oil recycling services, industrial cleaning services can also complete oil tank cleaning.

It is extremely important that you dispose of all your waste from your business properly. All businesses need to follow the health and safety laws in place, and this means disposing of your oil and hazardous waste responsibly. If you do not dispose of your waste properly, this can lead to humans, animals and the environment around you being harmed.

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