Tips For Getting The Best Price On Your New Car

If you are in the market for a new car but you want to make sure that you get the best price, then keep reading. Getting the best price on a new car is not as difficult especially when you know what you are doing and what to expect from a dealer. Most dealers will deal honestly and try to give you the best price, especially by advertising it in the newspapers. But in some cases getting that great price is like pulling teeth. You will see an advertisement in the newspaper just to see that the vehicle advertised is no longer available.

Pay In Cash?

Pay in cash is not as rare as you may think; a lot of people may choose to do so. But if you pay in cash, there is a possibility that the dealer will not go as low as they could so if you are planning to pay cash, keep it to yourself until the price has been agreed on. The reason dealers will not usually go as low if you tell them you are paying in cash up front is because a lot of their profits come from financing so leave the cash paying option until the end.

Time To Shop

If you want to get the best price on a new car, then you have to pick the right times to shop and that means shopping for a new vehicle during the weekdays and in the morning or afternoon. The more customers a dealership has in the building, the less likely you are to get a good deal. That is because if you don’t buy a car, there are other customers who could. On the other hand, if you shop during the daytime when no other customers are around, a dealership will be more likely to negotiate a better deal.


Focus On The Price

Here is a little secret that a lot of people don’t know: if you look at the advertisements for new cars in the newspaper, you will see very low monthly payments but with those low payments usually comes the higher price of the car. Try to focus on the actual price of the vehicle and then negotiate the monthly payments. Keep in mind that the low payments are stretched out and that means that more money will come out of your pocket in the end so the price is the most important thing.

Negotiate Add-on Fees

No matter what happens, you should not let the dealership talk you into adding another few hundred dollars above the final price. There are no marketing fees that you have to pay for nor anything else except for taxes, registration and title fees which come not from the dealer, but from the state or local government. Any add-on fees can always be negotiated so don’t just take the price that you are given by the dealership. Of course, always be friendly when negotiating because you are more likely to get more with honey than you would with vinegar.

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