Three Things To Look For When Buying A Used Car

So you need a fresh set of wheels but you’re on a strict budget… now what? An obvious solution to save money on a vehicle is to buy a used car rather than a brand new one. More and more people are beginning to look for used cars over brand new cars due to the fact that they’re cheaper and are often a better bargain over new cars – you can get a bigger car used for the same price as a smaller, brand new car.  Whether you’re looking at a Suzuki dealership or a Ford Service Parts Center, be sure to find a place with a lot of choices.

Get a Professional Opinion
If you have a reliable mechanic, it may be a good idea to see if they will come out to look at the car before you purchase it.  Better yet, if you have a friend that knows a thing or two about cars, now would be a good time to call in a favor.  This is especially important if you are not buying a car from a used car lot.  Having a closer inspection done by someone that knows what he or she are looking at can help assure that the car you are looking at is worth a purchase and may prevent you from buying a lemon.

Check the Mileage
Mileage should be one of the most important things you look at when it comes to used cars; it can be a telling sign of the wear and tear that may not be evident by just looking at the car.  Remember that all cars are not created equal when it comes to mileage, so steer clear of sports cars with a lot of mileage.  Also, be conscious of how the car racked up the mileage, as city driving and highway driving are two very different experiences.  Likewise, used cars in Brownsville, TX have a different driving history than one from New York, NY.

Take Multiple Test Drives
The test drive should be the final test for the car, but it may be the make or break moment of whether or not you choose to purchase the vehicle.  It is important to know the car inside and out, so getting behind the wheel is just as vital as looking under the hood.  By the time you are ready to make sign on the dotted line, you should know how the car sounds, feels, and just about everything else when it comes to a battery of tests.

Whether you’re looking at a Suzuki dealership or a Ford Service Parts Center, be sure to find a somewhere with many choices to try out and look at. As long as you get a professional opinion, stay aware of the mileage, and take a few test drives, you can find a used car that’s ideal for you.

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