Looking for a compact MPV? Here Are Five Of The Best

For a family looking for extra room to ship themselves to and from school, the grandparents or just for a family holiday, MPVs provide a number of benefits.

An MPV or Multipurpose vehicle, offers the average family a lot of space and also plenty of versatility.

This blog looks at five of the best compact multipurpose vehicles currently on the market.

Ford C-Max

Offering a lot more space than a conventional car, the C-Max MPV features a monster boot, around 471 litres, and is ideal for families who tend to pack an item for every possible eventuality when going away.

Sitting in tax bands C- F, the C-Max is a good option for families looking for a spacious car as there next choice, especially if opting for an MPV.

Vauxhall Meriva

The Meriva incorporates a number of designs to give it a number of unique selling points. These features include a rear hinged door and Flex5 seats which allow users to move the seats around into a side-to-side position if required.

Unfortunately in the more basic models there are not many extra features included. As a result, items such as airbags and air conditioning are only available in the more expensive models.


Peugeot 3008

Quite a popular small MPV, the Peugeot 3008 has a very spacious interior and is very comfortable too.

The car was also awarded five stars in Euro NCAP tests – an independent assessment of the safety features of many of Europe’s most popular cars.

Mini Countryman

As the name would suggest, the Mini Countryman is probably the smallest compact MPV on the market.

As standard the car comes equipped with a number of features including USB inputs, air conditioning and also rear parking sensors.

Like the Peugeot 3008, it also received five starts in the Euro NCAP test.

Kia Soul

The Kia soul has a number of superb safety features for the safety conscious parent, this includes six airbags.

One of its more interesting features is its electronic stability control. This is a great little addition, providing a smooth drive and giving the driver more control over the car when one side of the vehicle has a little less grip.

Whilst this list has picked out five of the best compact MPVs, there are plenty more including the Vauxhall Agila, Skoda Yeti, Honda Jazz and Nissan Note that are also worth looking into if you are looking for a new MPV for your family in the future.

Louisa Jenkins is a car expert who enjoys offering advice to families looking for an MPV as their next choice of automobile

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thienzieyung/6551707881/

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