Is It Worth Buying A New Car?

When entertaining the idea of buying a new or used car, your choice may depend mainly on how much you’d like to spend. According to recent CNW Marketing Research survey the average transaction price for new cars was $29,916. And this was before both taxes and fees.  Compare and contrast this figure with the average transaction price for used cars: $9,297. Thus, Used Cars Mission TX offers vehicles for those looking to save some money, find reliable transportation, and gain a wider range of choices during the process of buying a used vehicle.

Let’s look below to compare and contrast some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing either a new or used ride. Read on!

Advantages of the New Car Smell

Some people are only looking for new cars as they want to know they’ll be the first owner and the car will be their own. Customization potential and a backed warranty help as well. The advantages in purchasing a new car are:

  • Less maintenance — which as we all know means less money spent in the first few years of your vehicle’s life. Items such as tires, brakes, oil changes, and beyond, (hopefully) won’t be a part of your new car’s needs in those early years.
  • The dealership warranty: for at least three years, and in some cases, four years and 50,000-60,000 miles. In case of problems or failure of parts, it will be the dealer’s job to correct them, not yours.

Why Used?

Some buyers who are working under tight budgetary guidelines will want to check out used alternatives for their next vehicle. According to, you can purchase a 3- or 4-year-old vehicle for less than half the cost of an average new vehicle, as we witnessed above.

There can be questions as to how well the previous driver treated their particular vehicle; in today’s marketplace, though, used cars are much less of a gamble due in part to greater reliability (and durability) of vehicles and the addition of warranties which can be transferred from the original owner on to you, the buyer of the used vehicle.

  • There are many certified pre-owned programs available from dealers; these programs will normally offer buyers options on late-model, low-mileage vehicles which haven’t accrued any major dings or damage in the past. They’ll undergo rigorous inspections, be covered by a warranty and in certain instances, offer special financing options for buyers.

During these tougher economic times, there will be more options of Used Cars Mission TX — and thus, diversity — in what you can purchase. Slowing sales may also mean more vehicles to choose from on the lot, as well as prices coming down even further for prospective buyers.

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