Hunting for a New Car? Let Fuel Economy and Comfort Be Your Guide to the Suzuki Splash

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When it is time to buy a new car, it can be an overwhelming experience. Not only does the car buyer need to find something that is perhaps trendy and priced right, but also something that is built to last and affordable to drive. The Suzuki Splash fits to the T in terms of economy, affordability as well as in safety and comfort. Here are some things you may not know about this trendy mini-MPV designed and manufactured by Suzuki.

Recognised by the Government as Fuel Efficient and Low in Emissions

There has been a ton of controversy and huge uproars in regards to the carbon emissions tax which government assesses each year on vehicles registered in the UK. Few cars are selected to be duty free for the first year and the Splash is one of those innovative models that qualify for this advantage. Both the 1.0 and the 1.2 are road tax exempt on the first year and thereafter they fall into the low band on the Government Vehicle Excise Duty bands. When the government recognises a fuel efficient, low-emission car, you can trust that these claims are more than mere adverts.


Amazing Comfort for a Sub Compact Vehicle

Of course one of the features which have earned the Splash accolades in the area of comfort is the tilting front and rear seats. As well as being one of the most elevated of mini-MPVs already, the Splash has front seats which can be raised or lowered to further extend the driver’s line of vision. Then there are the benefits of cup holders in the front and rear as well as a coin holder and an amazing 573L of storage space in the boot. The Splash was particularly designed to maximise space for optimal comfort of drivers and passengers alike.

Fuel Consumption Ratings

When it comes to fuel ratings, there are actually three different aspects to be considered. First there is the urban fuel consumption which is important to the driver who spends a good amount of time in cities or towns, stopping and starting at roadways. The Splash is considered to be superior in this range because the consumption on the 1.0 manual, for example is rated 6.1 L/100km or 50.4 mpg. For those drivers who drive on the road and in town as well, the combined rating is 4.8 L/100km or 58.9 mpg. Those are pretty extraordinary ratings and why this is considered to be an economical yet comfortable car.

Hunting for a new car can be frustrating at best, but the Suzuki Splash makes the task a bit easier. With a trendy look it is hard to surpass as a well rounded vehicle that meets both comfort and economical needs. Available in a range of colours and manufactured with a multitude of extras, test drive one today to see what all the excitement is about.

The Splash has only been on the market for a few years but it is sure to be one of the all-time best sellers because it was designed to provide the ultimate in comfort, drivability and safety.

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