Electric Cars – The Vehicles Of The Future

Nowadays, whenever this is talk about the vehicle of the future, it’s all regarding electric cars and how advantageous they can be. Not surprisingly, the 2011 Planet Vehicle of the Year was a thoroughly electric automobile – the Nissan Leaf.

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And why should electric cars not get the attention and recognition they deserve? Though many folks may suggest that electric cars still result in pollution due to the fact the manufacturing plants that make these cars do expend a lot of pollution in the form of the electric energy they use, that argument is definitely not valid. When one considers the overall advantages of electric cars and how they more than compensate for some of their negative features, there is no doubt that the movement should be towards electric cars.

When your new car relies on electricity, you can easily have that electric energy made out of greener, renewable energy sources such as the wind, wave, geothermal temperature, solar energy, etc. It need not necessarily come out of fossil fuels.

However, a gas- or diesel-powered vehicle is certainly fossil-fuel powered.

The China Example

Today, an oft-mentioned instance when folks refute electric cars is one study, unleashed in February 2012 by the Tennessee University, which declares that when China started utilising additional electric cars, the quantity of pollution the folks were made vulnerable to in fact increased. Correct, the electric cars themselves were creating less discharge than their conventional vehicle – but the cars themselves had to be charged, and 85 % of China’s electric energy comes from nonrenewable energies.

But what if the electric energy of China originated from cleaner resources? At that point it will be a completely different story. As writer Chris Cherry stated, “The investigation emphasises that electric vehicles are only captivating if they are always powered by a cleansed and natural energy source.

The conclusion that can be derived is that it is necessary to focus on the manufacture of electric cars and see that they are used widely in towns and cities but these towns and cities need to have cleaner electric generation abilities.

What is then clean electric energy?

In the UK, the green energy fever and movement has gained great momentum. Main power businesses such as Centrica are now investing in renewable energy sources like the wind, biomass, solar power, and also land fill fuel.

In your own house, you could well build your personal solar power photovoltaic boards, which would certainly allow you to produce your personal electrical power from the easily available sunlight’s radiation – not just sunlight, but radiation as well. This suggests that as long as there is daylight, even on a cloudy day, you could well still be making your very own power.

When this becomes a reality in many houses, you would be producing the necessary power to run your electric cars in a clean and efficient manner.

Electric vehicles are the future of human transportation. Consider buying an eco-friendly new car that does not pollute the environment as your method of travel.

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