Buying Your Son or Daughter a Car for the Holidays

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1) When is the ideal time to buy your son or daughter a car?
2) Which is the perfect car for teenagers still learning the precision?
3) Why consider buying a smaller car?
4) How buying a used car saves money out of your pocket?
5) Why is it important to ask for the vehicle history report?

With the holidays approaching quickly and your son or daughter being a first-time driver, you may be thinking that this is an ideal time to buy his or her first car. This is a huge commitment and can be extremely nerve-racking as a parent to give your child their first true taste of freedom by buying them a car. With the right salesman and dealership, whether you’re looking at used cars for sale or brand new cars for sale, there are tips and guidelines to follow to ensure you’re buying the right car for your son or daughter.

Opt for a used car
Buying a used car for your child not only saves money out of your pocket, but is better than a brand new car in case they get into an accident. First cars often endure many scrapes, dents and other superficial injuries to the paint job, which is why parents often opt for a used car rather than a pricier new one. However, buying a used car may take a longer period of time to find just the right one, as well as many hours of test driving different cars. If you decide to buy a used car, ask for the car facts to avoid buying your teenager a lemon.

Go for a small car
Smaller cars are notoriously easier to maneuver than bigger vehicles, which makes them the perfect car for teenagers still learning the precision associated with driving, parking and reversing. Large cars such as SUVs, trucks and even CRVs can be harder for someone who’s new to driving to get the hang of and are typically much more expensive than and not as good on gas as a smaller car. Buying a smaller car not only saves money out of your pocket, but your son or daughter’s wallet as well since they won’t have to spend as much on gas. In the case of buying your teenager their first car, less is definitely more when it comes to size.

Look at the vehicle history report
If you decide upon a used car, it’s important to ask for the vehicle history report. As mentioned above, these documents are necessary to avoid buying a lemon, which can end up costing you later. A vehicle history report will list any accidents the car has been involved in, as well as any problems the car has faced in the past. While lemon laws protect those looking for used cars for sale in NJ, PA, CT and other states in the U.S., it’s best to avoid buying a lemon all together.

If you’re looking for a car for your son or daughter for the holidays, there are many ways to do it in the safest way possible. By choosing a smaller, used car and checking the vehicle history report carefully, your teenager will be “on the road” to more freedom. Be sure to follow these guidelines for your own peace of mind, as well as your teenager’s safety.

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