Buying A Lemon? The Complete Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

Sadly, these are just a few that I’ve come across in my history both purchasing used vehicles, and knowing sleazy used-car salesmen. Beyond that, any number of things can be done to mask damage and problems with a vehicle and you would be wise to remember that a salesman is just that… a person trying to sell you something. Now as far as ethics are concerned, there are a wide variety of people out there. Some good and some boviously bad. I am certainly not implying all used car salesmen are bad, in fact I would guess there are far more good ones than bad ones. They’ve all simply be given a bad rap by the few bad apples in the bunch.

So in the end, it can be a dangerous gamble to buy a used vehicle. You have no idea what you’re getting into. You have no idea how hard the vehicle was driven, how poorly it was maintained, or anything else that can be a problem. That is of course, unless you ensure you get a pre-inspection for your used-car. All the history and notes in the world matter little when compared to actually taking stock of the vehicle. Inspecting every functioning piece, inside and out, is the only way to truly know what you’re buying. Hence the maxim, “You wouldn’t buy a car before looking under the hood would you?” There is a reason for that saying, and it’s because of another age old maxim, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Or in this sense, a car by its body.

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